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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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House of Salvation


Eramis, Kell of Darkness
Atraks-1, Fallen Exo
Kridis, Dark Priestess
Phylaks, the Warrior
Praksis, the Technocrat
Taniks, the Abomination


Yamiks Prime, House Salvation



At war with:

The Reef
House of Light
Sol Collective
House of Spider
Lucent Brood
Imperial Cabal

Allied with:

House of Devils
House of Wolves
House of Dusk
House of Winter
The Witness
The Dread
Xivu Arath's Horde


War of Salvation
Search for Nezarec's Relics
Battle of the War Gods
Operation Ahamkara


"To my Eliksni sisters and brothers out amongst the stars, and here at home on Europa. We are the future of our kind, and we will destroy all who threaten us. Remember, Light only burns bright so long, but Darkness is forever."

The House of Salvation, or House Salvation in Eliksni, is a massive Fallen House distinguishable by their white and indigo cloaks and armor.

Founded by Eramis, Kell of Darkness, a former Baroness of the House of Devils who originally sought to reform her old House, but later abandoned them to form a new Fallen empire comprised of former Devils, Winter, Dusk, Wolves and Kell's Scourge members; all unified to rebuild their Eliksni civilization.[2][3]

Eramis led the newly formed House to Europa and acquired the powers of the Darkness from The Witness and its Black Fleet, plotting revenge against the Traveler and the Last City that defends it. After failing her duty to recover all the relics of the Disciple Nezarec, however, Eramis and her House became subjugated by the Witness into servitude of the Hive God Xivu Arath and her armies, with many Eliksni members having been either enslaved into Taken and Wrathborn or reanimated into Scorn. Once Eramis defected from its cause and abandoned the Sol System, the Fallen House had permanently folded under the Witness's control; its members vying to enact the Final Shape and a promised end to their collective suffering.



Eramis, Kell of Darkness

"And now we have Eramis, the Shipstealer, Baroness of Devils."
— Variks on the capture of Eramis

The House of Devils fell into chaos following the deaths of their nobility: Solkis, Kell of Devils, Riksis, Devil Archon, Sepiks Prime, and Aksis, Archon Prime. Leaderless, the Devils would abandon their banners and follow the instructions of the Kell of Kings to merge with the other noble Houses to create the House of Dusk. Those who remained loyal to the other Houses were captured and sent to languish in the Prison of Elders.

A year after the Red War and prompted by The Nine, Variks, The Loyal unleashed a massive prison break. The chaos led to the release of notable Fallen such as Fikrul, Siviks and the Silent Fang. Eramis, the Shipstealer, one of the last surviving Barons of the old Devils captured during the Wolf Rebellion and who lead the Fallen charge at the Battle of the Twilight Gap, had also managed to escape the Prison of Elders. Upon learning of the demise of the Devils' nobility, Eramis rallied former Devil traditionalists, saboteurs, and loyalists to join her cause in rebuilding the House of Devils.[2] Eramis even sought to harness SIVA to enhance the Devils after learning the conducts of the Devil Splicers.[4]

Raiding the Tower[edit]

Battle of Zero Hour

"Field reports indicate that Eramis is rallying violent dissidents to reconstruct House Devils from the ground up."

Months after her escape, Eramis orchestrated a heist into the destroyed Tower to steal the Outbreak Perfected Pulse Rifle, which was previously quarantined due to it containing SIVA in its frame. Led by Siriks, Loyal to Eramis, they broke into the crumbling building and pillaged anything they could find in order to get to the SIVA-powered weapon. This caught the attention of Mithrax, the Forsaken, the Kell of the Fallen House of Light. Mithrax proceeded to drop clues for the Guardians to join him in his attempt to stop the incursion. Meeting in secret with the The Guardian in the basement of the barn at The Farm, they rushed to the ruins of the destroyed Tower to stop Eramis' militants from retrieving the weapon. Together, Mithrax and the Guardians stopped the raiding party, killing Siriks and his allies.

The failure to steal the SIVA weapon ultimately humiliated Eramis and her attempt at reigniting the fires of the House of Devils. Since then, she decided to abandon the Devils' banner entirely and remake themselves into a new House entirely of her own accord.[5]

Rise of Darkness[edit]

Eramis rallying her House

"This is our future! Our enemies stand no chance against this power! The Great Machine will finally know our pain!"
Eramis, Kell of Darkness

Following the prison break, the first Barons to join Eramis' crew were her old comrades-in-arms from the House of Devils: Phylaks, the Warrior and Kridis, Dark Priestess. The three of them used to be working as a team on the Cosmodrome and fought together against Guardians in the Battle of the Twilight Gap[6]. Another addition to the Council, Praksis, the Technocrat, was a former member of the House of Wolves who had been confined in a cell next to that of Eramis in the Prison of Elders. They used to have long nighttime talks that influenced Praksis' way of thinking[7]. Atraks, the Wildcard, was meant to represent the younger generation of the Fallen, those who were born after the Whirlwind and never knew any other home but the Solar System[8]. Last but not least was the last scribe of the House of Judgment, Variks, The Loyal. While other members of the Dark Council despised Variks for being a traitor, Eramis accepted him as a way to draw more Reef Fallen to her own house[9].

After her failed heist, Eramis became plagued by visions of her past from the Pyramid hidden beneath the Moon.[6] She visits the Moon herself, fighting her way through the Hive in order to commune with "the black arrow", which would respond whispering promises of power to the Baroness.[10] Armed with a vision of their intended destination, Eramis and her crew rallied together a new House of Fallen from the remnants of Devils, Wolves, Dusk, and Kell's Scourge to Europa, also referred as "Niflheim" to the Reef.[3] There they built a new home for the Eliksni since the fall of their old homeworld, dismantling multiple Fallen hideouts across the Solar System and using the ruins of the human Europan colony of Eventide as the foundation for their city.[11].

When the Black Fleet finally revealed their presence in the Sol System, Eramis and her council had prepared their House for one to arrive at Europa, which offered them power in the form of Splinters of Darkness. Armed with their newfound power of Stasis, Eramis would subsequently proclaim herself as "Kell of Darkness" and vows to destroy the Traveler with her Fallen empire fully equipped with Stasis abilities.[12].

War of Salvation[edit]

Soon after, Variks would desert House Salvation, taking a valuable Splinter of Darkness and broadcasting a distress signal. House Salvation quickly caught up to him, but the Guardian intervened and saved Variks.[13] Afterwards, Variks informed them of Eramis's intention to create a Darkness-empowered army of Fallen. The Guardian entered Riis-Reborn to investigate Eramis's growing strength and came across the Kell showcasing her Stasis powers to a gathering of Salvation Dregs and Vandals, as well as gifting Phylaks her Splinter. They soon spotted the intruder and attacked, forcing the Guardian to retreat.[14]

The Guardian, with the help of Variks and the Dark Vanguard, set out to dismantle the Dark Council. Starting with Phylaks, the Guardian took out multiple patrols in Asterion Abyss, including Elenaks, Salvation Elite, to draw Phylaks out.[15] This proved successful and Phylaks gave the Guardian her location in the Well of Infinitude. The Guardian descended through the Vex catacombs, cutting through Salvation and Vex troops alike, to reach Phylaks. After a battle, Phylaks was slain and the Guardian to her Splinter of Darkness.[16]

After Phylaks, the next target was Praksis. After finding and scanning a Vex Conflux, Praksis sent a Conflux Watch Prime to keep the guardian from shutting the Conflux down. The Servitor would be destroyed and the Ghost used the signal from it to track Praksis's location to the Bray Exoscience facility on Europa.[17] After battling through Salvation forces and evading explosive traps, the Guardian faced off against Praksis and defeated him, taking his Splinter of Darkness.[18]

After their death, Eramis began to grow more reckless in her attempts to safeguard her strength. In a meeting with the remaining members of her Council, she dispatched Atraks to the Deep Stone Crypt, assuring her that she and Kridis would be able to handle the situation and vowing to Kridis that she would give the Guardians the destruction they craved. After this, reports came in that Eramis had returned to the Cosmodrome to recruit what remained of the House of Devils.[19] After arriving in the Cosmodrome, the Guardian gathered intel from House Devils troops in the Divide and found Eramis's operations to Exodus Garden 2A. While they were unfortunately too late to catch Eramis, the Guardian was able to take out both Deksis-5, Taskmaster and Bakris, the Adamantine, and stop Eramis's production of Walkers. However, Variks had learned of a Vex Portal built by Clovis Bray I on Europa and Eramis's intent to activate it.[20]

The Guardian quickly headed back to Europa and fought through the forces of House Salvation to reach the portal. As they did, Eramis berated Variks on how he had tortured and murdered Eliksni in the Prison of Elders while her Eliksni would die for a cause and that she was doing this for the future of the Eliksni. Eventually, the Guardian made it to the portal but was unable to prevent Eramis from activating it. Eramis would flee as the Guardian dealt with Belmon, Transcendent Mind and ultimately destroyed it.[21]

The Vex invaded Riis Reborn, killing many Eliksni in the City and forcing many to flee to safety, such as the House of Light or House of Dusk. One Skiff of refugees would be prevented from leaving Europa by House Salvation troops, but they were rescued by the Guardian.[22] Once the Skiff was gone, the Guardian turned their attention to Eramis located at Gale's Watch in Riis Reborn. Fighting through Salvation troops and invading Vex, the Guardian made it to Eramis's command room. After a brief fight with the Kell, the Guardian and their Ghost would be immobilized in Stasis by Eramis who proceeded to snatch the Guardian's Splinter of Darkness and crush it. However, the Guardian broke free and continued battling Eramis with their own Stasis powers. Eventually, Eramis tried to keep fighting but ended up freezing herself in Stasis.[23]

Dismantling an Empire[edit]

With Eramis incapacitated, Variks and the Vanguard continued operations against House Salvation operations, as well as helping any Eliksni who wished to abandon Europa escape. These operations included sabotaging a Fallen factory on Europa to prevent the Fallen from producing advanced weaponry [24] and stealing Salvation's Grip, a Grenade Launcher capable of firing Stasis.

Later, the Guardian discovered that Kridis was now leading the remains of House Salvation under the belief that they could "awaken Eramis from her slumber" and, from knowledge from the Darkness during her slumber, Eramis would return to them in a storm of blood and ice, not as a Kell but as a God. But, it seemed that Kridis' more religious and fanatical beliefs had managed to drive more Eliksni away from Salvation, including one group in a Skiff that the Guardian freed from a containment field. The Guardian then tracked Kridis down to Gale's Watch by the frozen Eramis. In a battle, which destroyed Yamiks Prime in the process, Kridis would fall. With this victory, House Salvation has been broken, but only temporarily.[25] [26]

After a time, the Exo Stranger would contact the Guardian, informing them that a large number of Salvation have been amassing, leading her to conclude that they had found the Deep Stone Crypt, the mysterious birthplace of the Exos. Wanting to prevent any knowledge of Clovis Bray from falling into the Fallen's hands, the Guardians formed a Raid team to clear out the crypt and secure it. As they traverse the science facilities, the Guardians discovered that the last member of Eramis's inner circle, Atraks, the Wildcard had used the radiolaria from the Vex gate Eramis had activated earlier into activating the Exo conversion machines, turning herself into a Fallen Exo. Now dubbed Atraks-1, the Fallen Exo further used the machine to bring back an old foe, Taniks, the Scarred, now Reborn. The Guardians battled both throughout the facility, taking them as far as the Morning Star space station in Europa's orbit. Using the facilities' securities against Atraks, the Guardians succeeded in slaying the Fallen Exo. However, their battle forced the station AI into activating its Nuclear Descent protocol, which would force the station into crashing into Europa, as per Clovis Bray I's wishes to prevent his research from falling into the "wrong hands". However, the nuclear crash would likely destroy Europa itself, forcing the Guardians to disarm the nuclear cores while holding off Taniks. As the station plummeted towards Europa, the Guardians succeeded in disarming the nuclear cores but were unable to prevent the station from crashing. Taniks pursued the Guardians to the only secure location to survive but was locked out at the last second as the station crashed into Europa.

Barely surviving the impact, the Guardians dragged themselves out of the wreckage but found to their shock that Taniks also survived the crash, now merged with a Heavy Shank. Forced to battle with the Fallen mutated monstrosity along with other Salvation Fallen that also survived the crash, the Guardians managed to stagger Taniks long enough for them to collect and disarm his now nuclear-powered cores, preventing him from wiping them in an instant. After a long gruelling battle in the burning wreckage, the Guardians finally put Taniks down for good, ending the House of Salvation's ambitions of using Clovis Bray's technology.

The Shipstealer's Return[edit]

Eramis in a duel with Mithrax

Though heavily crippled since the loss of Eramis and her council, the House of Salvation would remain active though mostly conducting pirate operations along trade routes. However, following the Guardian's adventures within a Hive God's Throneworld, forging an alliance with Caiatl's Cabal and containing a Nightmare outbreak, the House of Salvation's fortunes would soon turn towards their favour. After being spoken to by the Witness, the leader of the Black Fleet, Eramis finally broke free from her Stasis prison, bitter and enraged at the poor state of her house and learning of Mithrax and his House of Light siding with the Guardians and the Last City. Nonetheless, to fulfil a "payment" for her release, the Shipstealer rallied her remaining followers and that of the Old Crews of Fallen pirates to search for a special artifact of the Dark Ages.

As Eramis's name still carried weight, the Old Crews rallied under her banner but her House's activities would catch the notice of the Guardians after her forces stole cargo from the Drifter, which was actually the Spider himself looking to smuggle himself to the Last City. Understanding the threat Eramis poses with these pirates, the Guardians work with the Drifter, Mithrax and the Spider to take out the pirates Eramis was looking to rally and steal their treasure.

Ultimately, despite the Shipstealer's and the Old Crew's efforts, the Guardian and Mithrax were successful in collecting all the relics, which were revealed to be pieces of the dead Disciple of the Witness, Nezarec. With the Relics out of their reach, Eramis could do nothing but flee as the Guardian and the Light Kell used their acquired riches to improve the livelihood of the Eliksni Quarter.

The Price of Failure[edit]

Praksis brought back as a Scorn

With the failure of reclaiming the relics of Nezarec, and Eramis going into hiding again with her whereabouts being unknown but still continued to serve the Witness, Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War, would re-emerge once more. This time attempting to take control of the Warsat network as Rasputin was incapacitated. Furthermore, she led an assault onto Europa to subjugate the AI Clovis Bray I under her control. House Salvation would seemingly assist Xivu's Horde in looting Clovis Bray sites, but due to their leader's failure and absence, Xivu would punish Salvation for it by converting several of them into Wrathborn while resurrecting some of them into Scorn; using them to assist her army in occupying the remaining Seraph Bunkers and Submind vaults to further her goals.

Splicers of House Salvation would later be ordered to aid Xivu Arath's Hive on Seraph Station, the control hub of the Warsat Network, in gaining control over the Warmind's defences, with an old lieutenant of Eramis's, Praksis, being raised back from the dead as Scorn and made to guard the Nexus Control hub of the station. Despite their efforts, the Guardians managed to infiltrate the station and upload a malware virus in the station to both delay the Hive and prepare for when Rasputin will be ready to regain control. During the clash, Praksis would be slayed by the Guardians once again.

Later on, House Salvation would intercept Last City transmissions regarding a quicker method to restore Rasputin: finding the remains of Lord Felwinter's Ghost, Felspring. It was recently discovered that Felwinter was once a piece of Rasputin's code uploaded into an Exo frame before being made a Risen. Therefore, Ana believed Felspring could have all the code they might need to hasten Rasputin's recovery. House Salvation would quickly send a raid force to destroy Felspring's remains which were being housed at the Iron Temple before the Guardian could arrive. Unfortunately, the Iron Temple was already being protected by a Cabal force, Lord Saladin's Iron War Beasts, holding the line long enough for the Guardian to arrive. Together, the Guardian would fight off the Fallen and slay their commander, Rilliks, Instrument of Xivu Arath. With their leader dead, the Salvation Fallen made a retreat. The Guardian found Felspring's remains and after connecting them to Rasputin's code, the Warmind was able to speak with Ana and the Guardian directly and reveal the extent of Clovis's true intentions. Following this, the Exo Stranger would note that House Salvation is suffering while under the yoke of Xivu Arath with Rasputin concurring, noting that the House of Light has swelled in numbers recently, apparently recognizing that following Eramis is no longer beneficial. Exo Stranger hopes that Eramis will one day swallow her need for vengeance and realize that herself.

Ultimately, Eramis and her Splicers were successful in gaining access to the Warsat Network, specifically Rasputin's protocol that has his arsenal target the Traveler, ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE. Wanting to use this to make the Traveler feel the pain the Eliksni endured, Eramis worked in haste to activate the protocol, with the Guardians and their allies desperately working to prevent this. Though the Guardians succeeded in uploading Rasputin into Seraph Station, Eramis nonetheless succeeded in activating the ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE, just as the Traveler appeared to leave the Last City. Believing that the Traveler is abandoning another civilization again like on Riis, Eramis promised to a pleading Mithrax that the Great Machine will never abandon a people again, activating the Warsat network's arsenal. However, Rasputin managed to activate his Aurora Sacrifice protocol, the order where the Warsat Network will self-destruct along with himself, thwarting Eramis's revenge. Yet, to the Kell of Darkness' disbelief, the Traveler remained stationed within Earth's outer orbit instead of leaving entirely. The Witness answered its servant, stating that the Traveler simply had no place left to run.

Despite once again failing in her given task, Eramis and her house would continue to serve the Witness. But, the Salvation Kell would grow wearier and wearier of the endless fighting and of her failures against the Guardians. More so, on seeing her people being raised as Scorn, remarking it as her people being made into "puppets" of the Witness.

Uncertain Whereabouts[edit]

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Though the House of Salvation is made of up members from a multitude of other Eliksni factions it is much more organized and disciplined compared to the other Fallen Houses, a testament to Eramis' leadership as well as her tactical acumen. With a council of Barons composed as her closest lieutenants, Eramis was able to maintain a firm grip on her forces, using paracausal Pyramid technology in the form of Splinters of Darkness; harvested from nearby Cruxes surrounding Europa’s landscape using Praksis' own drone technology. Further, their command over Stasis makes the Fallen of this House especially dangerous. In addition, with so many different Fallen joining forces under Eramis's banner, their various tactics and technologies give them an edge on the battlefield, almost overwhelming their foes.



Prime Servitors[edit]

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Major variants

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  • This House was previously called the House of Darkness by the community.
  • The House of Salvation symbol bears a slight resemblance to or is based on parts of House Devil's, King's, and Winter's banners.
  • The House has also been observed to use the old Eliksni suits and armour from Destiny 1 instead of the more ornamental House of Rain (adopted by the House of Dusk) armor.
  • Early traces of the House of Salvation name can be found in the An Evolution of Faith lore. It describes the Fallen as having raced across the stars in "search of salvation". In their desperation, the Fallen relied on technology to survive through the use of weapons, ships and Servitors. Eventually, their need to survive led to the worship of Servitors. This ties into Eramis' speech where she claims the Fallen have been "chained for centuries" due to their reliance on Servitors and then proceeds to destroy one through Stasis.
    • Eramis's dislike of the Servitors, being made in the image of the Traveler, whom she hates, makes her similar to the Scorn who despise the Fallen's old traditions. Despite this, she keeps Servitors a part of her forces, albeit "defiled" by Stasis.
  • The names of the Stasis Barons appear to be derived from Greek words.
  • In Ghost Fragment: Fallen 2, the Dark is described as something that cannot be stolen as you can claim pain. This explains the Houses' desire to make the Traveler feel their pain as they wield their newfound Dark powers.
  • Dregs from House of Salvation appear on the mission Coup de Grâce, indicating that some of them have been corrupted by the Cryptoliths prior to the Season of the Seraph.[27]
  • During Into the Light, Fallen bearing the colours of House Salvation can be seen in the Onslaught activity. However, they are never properly stated to be from House Salvation but instead "servants of the Witness."

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