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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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House of Salvation


Eramis, Kell of Darkness
Atraks-1, Fallen Exo
Kridis, the Priestess
Phylaks, the Warrior
Praksis, the Technocrat
Taniks, the Abomination


Yamiks Prime, House Salvation




Beyond Light

"To my Eliksni sisters and brothers out amongst the stars, and here at home on Europa. We are the future of our kind, and we will destroy all who threaten us. Remember, Light only burns bright so long, but Darkness is forever."
— Eramis.[1]

The House of Salvation is a Fallen House distinguishable by their white and indigo cloaks and armor.

Founded by Eramis, Kell of Darkness, a former Baroness of the House of Devils who originally sought to reform her old House, but later abandoned them to form a new empire comprised of former Devil, Dusk, Wolf and Scourge members.[2][3]

Eramis led the newly formed House to Europa and acquired the powers of the Darkness, plotting to rebuild their Eliksni civilization and take vengeance against the Traveler and The Last City.



Eramis, Kell of Darkness
"And now we have Eramis, the Shipstealer, Baroness of Devils."
— Variks on the capture of Eramis

The House of Devils fell into chaos following the deaths of their nobility: Solkis, Kell of Devils, Riksis, Devil Archon, Sepiks Prime, and Aksis, Archon Prime. Leaderless, the Devils would abandon their banners and follow the instructions of the Kell of Kings to merge with the other noble Houses to create the House of Dusk. Those who remained loyal to the other Houses were captured and sent to languish in the Prison of Elders.

A year after the Red War, Variks, The Loyal orchestrated a massive prison break which led to the release of notable Fallen such as Fikrul, Siviks and the Silent Fang. An old House Devils Baroness captured during the Wolf Wars, known as Eramis, also managed to escape the Prison of Elders. Upon learning the demise of Devils nobility, Eramis rallied former Devil traditionalists, saboteurs and loyalists to join her cause in rebuilding the House of Devils.[2] Eramis even sought to harness SIVA to enhance the Devils after learning the conducts of the Devil Splicers.[4]

Raiding the Tower[edit]

Battle of Zero Hour
"Field reports indicate that Eramis is rallying violent dissidents to reconstruct House Devils from the ground up."

Months after her escape, Eramis orchestrated a heist into the destroyed Tower to steal the Outbreak Perfected Pulse rifle, which was previously quarantined due to it containing SIVA in its frame. Led by Siriks, Loyal to Eramis, they broke into the crumbling building and pillaged anything they could find in order to get to the SIVA-powered weapon. This caught the attention of Mithrax, the Forsaken, the Kell of the Fallen House of Light. Mithrax proceeded to drop clues for the Guardians to join him in his attempt to stop the incursion. Meeting in secret with the The Guardian in the basement of the barn at The Farm, they rushed to the ruins of the destroyed Tower to stop Eramis’ militants from retrieving the weapon. Together, Mithrax and the Guardians stopped the raiding party, killing Siriks and his allies.

The failure to steal the SIVA weapon ultimately humiliated Eramis and her attempt at reigniting the fires of the House of Devils. Since then, she decided to abandon the Devils banner entirely and remake themselves into a new House entirely of her own accord.[5]

Rise of Darkness[edit]

Eramis rallying her House
"I will give these Guardians the destruction they crave..."
— Eramis

Following the Nightmare events on the Moon, Eramis would abandon the Devils' banner to lead a new faction of Fallen from the former Houses of Devils, Wolves and Dusk. According to a report by Praxic Warlock Aunor Mahal, Eramis and her followers were later found to be investigating a dangerous artifact or entity on an "extra Reef territory" codenamed "Niflheim"; the report does not clarify the identity of this location, but context suggests it is likely Europa. The report also indicated that Variks, Kell of Judgement was among the group, either as a co-conspirator or a prisoner.[3]

Eramis would subsequently proclaim herself as “Kell of Darkness” and attempt to harness the power of the Pyramids to build her empire and destroy the Traveler.


Though the House of Salvation is made of up members from a multitude of other Eliksni factions it is much more organized and disciplined compared to the other Fallen Houses, a testament to Eramis's leadership. With a number of lieutenants at her disposal, Eramis was able to maintain a firm grip on her forces. Further, their command over Stasis makes Fallen of this House especially dangerous. In addition, with so many different Fallen joining forces under Eramis's banner, their various tactics and technologies give them an edge on the battlefield, almost overwhelming their foes.



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  • This House was previously called the House of Darkness by the community.
  • The House of Salvation symbol bears a slight resemblance to, or is based on, parts of House Devil's, King's and Winter's banners.
  • The House has also been observed to use the old Eliksni suits and armor from Destiny 1 instead of the more ornamental House of Rain (adopted by the House of Dusk) armor.
  • Early traces of the House of Salvation name can be found in the An Evolution of Faith lore. It describes the Fallen to have raced across the stars in "search of salvation". In their desperation the Fallen relied on technology to survive through the use of weapons, ships and Servitors. Eventually their need to survive led to worship of Servitors. This ties into Eramis' speech where she claims the Fallen have been "chained for centuries" due to their reliance of Servitors and then proceeds to destroy one through Stasis.
    • Eramis's dislike of the Servitors, being made in the image of the Traveler, whom she hates, makes her similar to the Scorn who despise the Fallen's old traditions. Despite this, she keeps Servitors a part of her forces, albeit "defiled" by Stasis.
  • The names of the Stasis Barons all appear to be derived from Greek words.
  • In Ghost Fragment: Fallen 2 the Dark is described as something that cannot be stolen as you can claim pain. This explains the Houses pursuit of wanting to make the Traveler feel their pain as they wield their new found Dark powers.

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