Arc Courier, House Salvation

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Arc Courier, House Salvation
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House of Salvation




The Aftermath

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Shock Rifle


Arc Absorption shield
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Fallen Melee


Arc Courier, House Salvation are Captains from the House of Salvation seen in the The Aftermath mission.

They can be found in Kell's Rising trying to fend off the Vex invasion.


After dispelling the Vex Confluxes in Kell's Rising, players are instructed to investigate the Vex presence in the area. Variks will comment how he hoped Riis-Reborn would serve as the new home of the Eliksni and mentions how the Vex will turn it into dust.

Players then arrive to a location where the Fallen and Vex are engaging each other in a massive battle. There Wyverns and Heavy Shanks can be seen battling each other among other troops. Also present are three Arc Courier Captains. After defeating one of the Courier Captains, players receive a new objective in which they need to collect three Arc charges dropped by the Captains and deposit them into a Fallen charge generator. Successfully completing the task will disable a Fallen barrier shield and allow players to traverse deeper into the mission and encounter Kridis, Dark Priestess.

The Arc Courier Captains feature regular gameplay mechanics of Major Captains. They are armed with a Shock Rifle and incredibly evasive. They also have Arc Absorption shields and also highly durable. They can be easily defeated by using a Heavy weapon.


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