Drake, Stasis Sniper

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Drake, Stasis Sniper
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House of Salvation





Combat information


Patrol Kell's Rising


ArcS.png Wire Rifle
StasisS.png Duskfield Grenade


High Durability
KineticS.png Ultra Smash


Drake, Stasis Sniper is a Stasis wielding Captain from the House of Salvation.

It can be found in Kell's Rising. Drake plays a important role in completing a Penguin Triumph and must be defeated to collect the Penguin Souvenir toy.

Eventide Rookery Triumph[edit]

To encounter the Stasis Sniper, players must first make the long journey from Eventide Ruins and enter Riis-Reborn Approach and follow the path into Kell's Rising. Upon reaching the area, players can find Drake by a corner with drones flying above it. Destroying these drones with a Riis Scanner can help complete the Augment Triumph.

Drake will passively walk around the area and only engage players if it spots them. The Captain will fire its Wire Rifle from a distance and live up to their Sniper name by barraging players with Arc shots. If players attempt to seek cover, Drake will use its special Stasis powers and throw a Duskfield grenade at them. Getting too close will unleash a devastating Fallen Melee in the form of Ultra Smash.

Due to the high durability of Drake, a considerable amount of firepower is recommended to defeat it. Afterwards, a Penguin toy will spawn nearby to collect. This can then placed in the secret room in Charon's Crossing to complete the Eventide Rookery Triumph.



  • Drake has the same white design as Bakris and Keviks. Its overall design style is similar to the Technocrat's Assistant.
  • Drake also shares the same name as Drake, the music artist, and the Dreg Drake, Charge Courier. Both Fallen Drake's have achieved memetic status among the Destiny community for sharing their name with the music artist Drake.
    • Because of this, Drake, Stasis Sniper is the first Fallen seen in-game to have a human name.

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