Drake, Charge Courier

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Drake, Charge Courier
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House of Salvation





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Patrol Eternity


Shrapnel Launcher
Shock Grenade


Fallen Melee
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Drop System Charge


Drake, Charge Courier is a Major Dreg from the House of Salvation located in Eternity in the Bray Exoscience facility.

Drake plays a important role in completing a Penguin Triumph and must be defeated to collect the Penguin Souvenir toy.

Eventide Rookery Triumph[edit]

To locate Drake, players must first travel to Cadmus Ridge, enter the Bray Exoscience facility and journey deeper to Eternity. When reaching the grey smokey room, Drake the Dreg will be hidden in the left stairway.

Drake will attack players with its Shrapnel Launcher, melee and throw occasional Shock Grenades if targets out of sight. The Dreg has a considerable amount of durability, but can be easily defeated through the use of heavy weaponry.

Once defeated, Drake will drop a blue orb called "System Charge". Players need to collect this charge and traverse deeper into Eternity. They then need to complete a series of platform jumps and locate a Fallen charge generator with the message "Depleted, Charge System" to deposit their charge. This can be found outside the entry to Praksis's boss encounter. If players were to lose the charge on their way, Drake will respawn in their original location and allow players to reacquire the charge.

A Penguin souvenir will spawn nearby for players to collect after they successfully deposit the charges.


Drake, Charge Courier

Eventide Rookery Triumph


  • Drake also shares the same name as Drake, the music artist.
  • Drake is the first Salvation Dreg seen in Major colors. Their attire is distinctly more blue than its regular counterparts, their Mohawk is blue and they wear white headgear.

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