Keviks, Vex Researcher

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Keviks, Vex Researcher
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House of Salvation





Combat Information


Wire Rifle
Duskfield Grenades


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Fallen
Ultra Smash


Keviks, Vex Researcher is a Captain of the House of Salvation located within the chambers of Riis-Reborn, where they guard a terminal full of Inert Radiolarian Fluid.

Keviks title denotes that they are a Vex Researcher and has been gifted the ability wield Stasis.

Riis Reborn Key Codes[edit]

Keviks plays a important role for the Riis Reborn Key Codes. To summon Keviks, players are required to be in Eventide and wait for the special message, "Nearby, a powerful enemy waits out the storm..."

This will promptly spawn a special Captain called the Technorunner and can be found crouched in a building near the pathway to Asterion Abyss. Eliminating the Technorunner will gift players the "Riis-Reborn Key Codes" buff. They are then required to head towards Riis-Reborn Approach and enter the chamber where Eramis made her speech.

There a small group of Fallen and Keviks can be found guarding a special terminal and need to be eliminated to gain access to it and the ability to drink "Inert Radiolarian Fluid". This will give a new buff called "Cadmus Ridge Signal," in which players are required to complete hidden puzzle in Cadmus Ridge to collect the secret chest.



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