Enkaar, the Anointed

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Enkaar, the Anointed
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Summon Hive
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"Time to hunt us a Hive weapons master and put an end to whatever he's cookin' up."

Enkaar, the Anointed was a Hive Acolyte Adherent known for his craft in weapons design. He was known for his involvement in the design and creation of weapons for the Hive, along with the Weapons of Sorrow. However Enkaar was discovered by Drifter and killed by The Guardian in a standoff within the depths of the Jetsam of Saturn.


Unlike most bosses, Enkaar had a special mechanic, which required him and The Guardian to engage in a duel of sorts. The Guardian had to stand on a circle for a period of time, where The Last Word is going to appear, which is the only weapon you could damage him with. Enkaar would appear shortly after with the Proto-Thorn, a variant of the Soulfire Rifle that will instantly kill the Guardian with one shot. To deal damage, the Last Word had to be fired at his arm, which will take a third of his health. In the second phase, he spawned a Spectral Herald which is a copy a of himself that has the same abilities and weapons, but can be disposed of with a single shot. They had to be targeted first before firing upon Enkaar. At the final damage phase, two of the Spectral Heralds spawned and had be shot in the order of their spawn, and a final bullet had be fired upon Enkaar, killing him and awarding the Last Word.

If the player did not draw or walks out of the circle for a period of time, they will get the 'Gun Shy' debuff which damaged them quickly.



  • Enkaar was the fifth Acolyte to be an ultra, the first three being the Eyes of Crota and the fourth being the Servant of the Betrothed
  • Enkaar is the first named Acolyte in Destiny 2, as well as being the first named Adherent.
  • Enkaar's fight was a reference to classic Western gun duels.
  • Enkaar had a common bug where even if he was shot first, he'd still fire and kill the player while retreating.

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