Raiding Servitor

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Raiding Servitor
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Expedition: Nessus


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The Raiding Servitor was a large Fallen Servitor and the leader of gang of Eliksni and Cabal pirates, who scoured the planetoid Nessus in search of buried riches and treasures. It was encountered as the final boss of the Expedition: Nessus activity.[1]


The Raiding Servitor is found at the Cistern at the end of Expedition: Nessus. Once you have loaded the Haul with treasure from all across the area and guided it to its final destination, multiple Cabal and Fallen enemies will begin being deployed via Drop Pods and Skiffs respectively. These enemies begin assaulting your position—seeking to plunder the valuables you have collected—before their leader arrives alongside two Brigs to join in the fight.

The boss functions and behaves like the typical Servitor. It will fire Void projectiles from its eye at enemies, and is capable of short-ranged teleportation for evading incoming attacks. It is also capable of generating shield links between nearby allies, offering them temporary immunity. The also possesses the ability to emit large amounts of Void energy at players who are within range, draining their health if they do not move out of the way. However, the Servitor is not particularly difficult, and can be destroyed quickly enough with the right amount of firepower. Once the boss and their allies have been dealt with, the activity will be complete, allowing players to open the end-of-mission chest and claim their Loot.


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