Sumok, Ravager of Torobatl

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Sumok, Ravager of Torobatl
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Operation: Archimedes


Void Eye Blast
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ground Slam
Berserk Mode
Darkness Barrier
Wrathful Immunity Shield


Sumok, Ravager of Torobatl is a massive Wrathborn Ogre. They were tasked by Xivu Arath, God of War to conquer and take control of the Seraph Facility, which they protected against Imperial Cabal attacks. When The Guardian was sent to infiltrate the structure, the Ogre confronted them with its troops, and was slain in battle.[1]


Sumok appears as the final boss of the Operation: Archimedes Mission. They can first be spotted lurking in the control room from the windows at the entrance. When the player enters the final room, the Wrathborn will engage them in battle. On top of their normal Ogre Abilities, consisting of powerful Eye Blasts and Ground Slams, Sumok is also capable of hiding behind a large Wall of Darkness, like a Knight's but larger and wider, which will protect them from all damage. They are still capable of using their stomp from behind the shield. Sumok will be assisted by several Acolytes and Thralls, which will be replenished as they lose health, and the floor is littered with Hive Traps. Once the Ogre's health reaches half, they will be protected by an Immunity Shield, and summon two Wrathborn Knights. Killing these Knights will make them drop a Well, which will allow a player standing in it to damage and eventually strip Sumok of their shield. Once this is done, the Wrathborn will summon more reinforcements, but will only rely in their basic abilities, and can be slain through concentrated fire.



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