Ugroth, Soulkeeper

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Ugroth, Soulkeeper
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Savathûn's Brood





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The Oracle Engine


ArcS.png Rotten Surge
High Durability
KineticS.png Ground Slam


Ugroth, Soulkeeper is a massive Taken Ogre that is encountered in The Oracle Engine Mission as one of the two final bosses. It appears at the top of the Observatory in the Dreaming City, were the Engine itself is located, to assist Mukor, Soulkeeper, in fighting back against the Guardian.[1]


After the first Taken Ogre, Mekor, has suffered significant damage, Ugroth will spawn at the entrance to the Observatory, and reinforcements will appear throughout the area. Like the first Soulkeeper, it too has a large amount of health, and it will also pursue the player whilst bombarding them powerful Arc projectiles, which are strong enough to launch you far back, or even into the air, if you remain in the Ogres line of fire. If it gets close enough to you, the boss will raise its hand and slam the ground, dealing a great amount of damage.

There are several Scorch Cannons located around the arena, which are all eextremely useful for dealing with both Ogres. Even if you have been using them against Mukor, there should still be enough to finish off the first boss and take out the second, assuming that you do not waste their ammunition on the weaker Taken that spawn. Although both Ogres move very slowly, it is highly recommended to keep track of them at all times so as to avoid getting cornered. Once you have finally defeated the two Soulkeepers, the mission will be completed and will end a few seconds afterward.


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