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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Blood of Oryx





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King's Fall


VoidS.png Eminent Revenge


KineticS.png Ground Slam
Drained of Light
Soulsiphon Plinth
Golgoroth's Rage
VoidS.png Ogre's Venom
High Durability
Golgoroths Gaze
Unstable Light
Summon Hive
Summon Taken


"Crota rose to petition / Father, cut the shapes into a tablet / Give me the tablet / I will bear it in battle / And tithe one side of my sword to you / Oryx cut the shapes into a tablet / But he guarded the shapes / He set the tablet in Golgoroth/ Where the new flesh grew as Eir decreed it."
Grimoire description

Golgoroth is a Hive Ogre that appears as the second boss in the King's Fall Raid.[1].


Golgoroth was the creation of the traitorous Worm god Xol with the purpose of devouring Oryx, the Taken King and his family. It contained a heart filled with and strengthened by burrowing parasites related to the Worm Gods and was committed to Oryx’s service[2].However, Oryx discovered the plot and had Eir decree a new shape for the Ogre as a testament to the Final Shape, with Oryx giving him the name Golgoroth, becoming one of the most powerful Hive champions in the King's court. Later when Oryx carved the Tablets of Ruin out of flesh from the fallen Akka, he sets one of them in Golgoroth as a rebuttal of Crota's demands to claim it, and from where the tablet was placed new flesh grew. The Ogre thus became a containment for a Tablet of Ruin and a vessel to both tithe violence directly to Oryx and corrupt hordes of stolen Light from Oryx’s conquests.[2] The team of Guardians that killed Golgorath during the Raid to destroy Oryx recovered the Tablet of Ruin from its remains and the item has been vaulted for proper containment.[2]


When Guardians first enter the room, they will need to spawn Golgoroth. To do this, one must shoot down the orb placed at the center of the room. Once Golgoroth has finished spawning, it will use its Eye Blasts to attack all Guardians in sight and suppress them. Waves of Thralls, Acolytes and Adepts will spawn at the left and right sides of the room; kill these to begin the next phase.

Once all adds are dead, one Guardian will have to gain Golgoroth's attention as the five others shoot down one of six orbs of light hanging from the ceiling. To get "Golgoroth's Gaze", the tasked Guardian will shoot the giant yellow sack on Golgoroth's back. The Guardian who shot this will now have to shoot the "Ogre's Venom" Axion Darts fired by Golgoroth (three to four depending on difficulty). Whoever gets hit by one of these Darts is poisoned. As this is happening the five others will enter the pool made by the orb they destroyed and start shooting the blue spot on Golgoroth's opened chest. At any time a Guardian can hop out, destroy another orb, and take Golgoroth's gaze. This may be repeated as many times as wanted, up to six times per wave.

After the message "Failed to capture Golgoroth's gaze" appears another wave of ads will spawn. Once at ~25% of their health, Taken will spawn instead of Hive. Once six deaths have occurred(or six orbs of light are unused in the damage phase in Destiny 2), the Tablet of Ruin will be completed and all Guardians will be Drained of Light by the Soulsiphon Plinth and then killed.

Hard Mode Changes[edit]

In Hard Mode, jumping in a Pool of Reclaimed Light becomes a much more dangerous prospect, as one Guardian at random will be inflicted with a debuff called "Unstable Light", where the Guardian detonates, dealing massive damage to others nearby. This allows Golgoroth to cause a team wipe early on in the encounter and also forces Guardians to jump out of the pool sooner than usual.

Challenge Mode Changes[edit]

For Challenge Mode, each member of the fireteam must hold Golgoroth's gaze in each damage phase.


  • Golgoroth's name may be inspired by the Erd Gorgoroth Mountain chain from Lord Of The Rings. It's in the north of Beleriand, named such by the Sindar of Doriath after the spider-creature Ungoliant made it her temporary home, and wove webs which sucked away all light and poisoned the land, much like Golgorth's Ogre's Venom ability. Both of these could have come from the Biblical location Golgotha (Hebrew).
  • Gol-Goroth is also the name of a Cthulhu Mythos deity, described in one form as a colossal black toad with an impossibly malevolent gaze.
  • Golgoroth's overall design as an Ogre is by far the most unique in Destiny.
    • However, their general design seems to be a reference for various other Major or Ultra Ogre found in Destiny 2 as many of them share claw-like tentacles on their backs.
  • Following his death during the King's Fall raid, the Tablet of Ruin Oryx implanted in Golgorath would be recovered by the Vanguard and placed into containment.
  • Golgorath was apparently fond of flower petals as daughters of Savathûn would send warriors with petals stuffed beneath their chitin as deathly delights, according to deciphered Hive apocrypha.[2]


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