Draksis, Winter Kell

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Draksis, Winter Kell
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"The architect of Winter's strategy. And he still shows his strength on the front line."
Commander Zavala

Draksis, Winter Kell was the Kell to the Fallen House of Winter. Draksis was a prime target for the Vanguard, after raiding jumpship reclamation convoys, which caused Cayde-6, a member of the Vanguard, to increase the Bounty on him, alerting Guardians to look for the Kell.[2]


When Craask, the Kell of the House of Kings called for a united Fallen attack against The Last City on Earth to take back The Great Machine, Draksis agreed to join the assault and led the House of Winter alongside the Kings and House of Devils forces. The Battle of the Twilight Gap ensued, but despite pushing to the City's walls, the Fallen failed due to the Guardian's determination and powers, along with the House of Wolves being unable to join the assault as they were forced into the Reef Wars. Draksis would become a prime target for the Vanguard in the aftermath of the battle, as he continued raiding Jumpship reclamation convoys. This led Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 to quickly up the bounty on him, alerting Guardians to look for the Kell of Winter.[3]

Following the Fallen's defeat at Twilight Gap, Draksis eventually relocated Winter to the Ishtar Sink on Venus and began plundering the secrets of the Ishtar Collective. Draksis established a stronghold within the caves of Venus known as Winter's Lair, with his House's Ketch, the Wintership Simiks-Fel at its heart. After Grayliks's failed mission and death attempting to scour the Collective's archives, The Vanguard located Draksis' forces and The Guardian fought through his Guards and onto the Fallen Ketch. The Guardian would confront the Kell within his throne room and killed him thereafter, leaving the House leaderless.[4]

Later, the House of Wolves, led by Skolas, Wolf Kell, attacked the House of Winter, causing Skolas to gain control of the Winter Fallen and declare himself the Kell of Kells. However his rebellion would fail and be put down as he was captured and later executed by the same Guardian who killed Draksis.


Draksis is the primary target in the "Scourge of Winter" Story mission. Upon entering the throne room, he will rise from his throne and begin to engage the player. He is armed with a Shrapnel Launcher for ranged combat. Draksis can also teleport across the room to evade enemy fire. As with any Ultra, melee combat is ill-advised, because he will perform a ground pound that can send the player flying into a wall, causing them to die of impact with a hard surface. He will be assisted by all of the usual Fallen except Servitors and the occasional team of Kell's Guard. Equipping a high blast radius rocket launcher with Tracking is recommended because it can reliably damage Draksis from long range, even when he teleports away from the rocket. Due to this, the player is more likely to land a direct hit and stagger him, allowing the player to freely damage him for a moment.



  • Despite being the Kell of the House of Winter, Draksis wears armor with House of Devils colors and iconography.
  • Draksis is the first Kell ever encountered in Destiny.

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