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Apollo, Loyal To None
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Edited the page The Black Garden
"/* Bosses */"
Edited the page Garden of Salvation
"/* Trivia */"
Edited the page Crota Phantasm
"The Warlock is wielding a Hive sword, right in the picture."
Edited the page Phantasm
Edited the page Val Ca'uor
"/* Trivia */This is actually true because Calus was a robot."
Edited the page Val Ca'uor
"/* Trivia */I have gone up to his death many times and his body has had..."
Edited the page Weapon Ornament
"/* D.A.R.C.I. */"
Edited the page Argos, Planetary Core
"/* Trivia */I like the idea but they are separate. One is converting Nes..."
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