Keksis, the Betrayed

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"In my disparity, allies of Light have imprisoned me. I try to oppose their will, but intense cold has rendered me immobile. Without my directive, I am weak. I acquiesce. After a time, I find I can hear. It is a new voice; it is many voices. I will wait. I have taken a new shape."
Grimoire description[1]
Keksis, the Betrayed
Keksis the Betrayed Grimoire Card.jpg
Biographical Information






Taken Captain



Combat Information


Prison of Elders (Level 41)
Challenge of the Elders


Arc Shrapnel Launcher


Darkness Bolt
Suppression Bombs
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Taken
Fallen Melee


Keksis, the Betrayed is a Taken Captain that was captured and imprisoned within the Prison of Elders.

Formerly a Captain to the House of Devils, Keksis was Taken but unlike other powerful Taken, Keksis is lost, especially since Oryx's death, and unable to free themselves. Now all they can do is fight without purpose.


Like any Taken Captain, Keksis is armed with an Arc Shrapnel Launcher and can both teleport erratically and rapidly hurl Darkness Bolts that blind Guardians. However, in Challenge of the Elders, they will gain the ability to summon explosives that will temporarily suppress a Guardian's abilities if left unchecked. The explosive will be floating around in the middle of the arena, and players must stand in it and channel its Corrupted Light to avoid getting the "Suppressed" debuff.


  • Keksis is the only Taken in the entire game whose Grimoire card is conveyed in the first person.
  • Unlike most Taken, Keksis doesn't have a glowing central eye. Their face remains pitch black.
  • Keksis is one of the few bosses that doesn't have a slam ability should the player get close.
  • The "many voices" mentioned in Keksis' Grimoire card might reference Riven's influence after Oryx's death. If so, this would be the earliest reference to Riven in the Destiny series.

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