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Soul of Crota
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The Soul of Crota is a massive crystal that contains the soul of Crota, Son of Oryx.


Encountered at the end of the Story mission The Wakening in the Chamber of Night, the Soul of Crota is being tended by four Wakers of Crota who are performing a ritual to restore Crota's physical form. After the Wakers are slain, the Soul will levitate and fire slow-moving but devastating energy blasts at Guardians. When the crystal is destroyed, Crota's soul dissipates and returns to his Netherworld.[1]


  • During the mission Lost to Light, The Guardian returns to the broken crystal in an attempt to find a trace of Crota's soul left behind.[2]
  • A similar crystal is found inside Crota's End and it used to summon Crota for the final encounter.[3]
  • The Soul of Crota however does not appear in Shadowkeep, only his physical form. This shows how he would have possibly appeared if he returned in his corporeal form during the Wakening Ritual in the Dark Below storyline.
  • When you are killed by the Soul of Crota's energy blasts, they are labeled as if you were killed by a Vex Cyclops, likely being a developer oversight.


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