Sullied Ogre

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Sullied Ogre
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Patrol the Plaguelands


VoidS.png Eye Blast
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KineticS.png Ground Slam


The Sullied Ogre was a massive Hive Ogre that was captured by the Devil Splicers. It could be found aboard Splicership Menkis-Syn, the Ketch located on the highway outside the Old Russian Wall.[1]


The Sullied Ogre is one of the three possible Ultras that can be encountered aboard Menkis-Syn. The Ketch can only be accessed via the Breach, but the path is blocked by a laser grid that requires a Splicer Intel Relay in order to bypass it. These items can acquired by killing Brood Enforcers, Brood Mothers, or Splicer Emissaries while on Patrol in the Plaguelands.

Once you are through, you may exit the wall and reach the highway where the Ketch is located. Upon exiting out onto the highway, you will find Hive and Fallen forces battling throughout the area. You will find the Sullied Ogre in the hangar of the vessel, surrounded by reinforcements. The boss will continuously bombard the player with blasts of Void energy from its head, and can quickly drain your health if you stay in its line of fire. It can also slam the ground to knock you back and cause large amounts of damage, if you get too close. However, the boss is not very at all, and can be eliminated quickly and easily with powerful enough gear. After the Sullied Ogre has been put down, a chest located in the back right-hand corner of the hangar will be unlocked, which you can claim powerful rewards from, including gear from the Archon's Forge exclusive Armor sets. This chest will also grant you the "Khvostov 7G Schematic" when you open it for the first time, which will begin the Exotic Quest to construct the Khvostov 7G-0X.




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