Vosik, the Archpriest

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Vosik, the Archpriest
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Devil Splicers









Combat Information


Wrath of the Machine


Scorch Cannon


Immunity Shield
SIVA Teleport
Ultra Smash
Voltage Discharge
High Durability
Critical SIVA Density
Door Shutdown
Summon Splicers

"In due time, Vosik will ascend. All his people will. And worlds will fall."
— Grimoire description[1]

Vosik, the Archpriest is the general of the Devil Splicers and second-in-command to Aksis, Archon Prime. He has the intention of ascending to godhood the way Aksis has, unless a team of Guardians kill him before it happens.


Vosik's boss battle encompasses two phases.

In phase one, he will not immediately appear. In order to make him do so, one has to start charging the voltage by running through four stacks of electricity and then going towards a Foundry Spinner. Using a maxed stack of voltage will charge the spinner. Vosik will then appear on the field. He is armed with an arm-mounted Scorch Cannon that uses a stickybomb feature, and will be completely immune to all attacks. This is where the voltage comes into play. Maximum stacks of voltage must be used to charge the spinners five times. Doing so will activate them and cause them to drop SIVA Charges, which are the only way to bring down Vosik's shield. However, as you gather voltage, you must be aware of two things: if you don't run to another stack of electricity after running through your first one, Vosik will discharge the electricity you gathered, and you will die. Also, when charging the Foundry Spinners, Voltage Eaters will drain power from them to prevent you from doing so; kill them fast. Once the charges drop, start throwing them at Vosik to deal maximum damage, although eventually, they will stop dropping and you will have to rely on your weapons. Aim him down quickly, as he will teleport around the arena. He will then bring his shield back up, signifying the end of the damage phase. This will repeat multiple times until he gets on low health, and he will start to retreat. You then have to chase him begin the next part.

Phase two is slightly modified in the sense that you no longer need to rely on Foundry Spinners to obtain SIVA Charges. They instead drop from the ceiling every so often. However, throwing them now requires more careful timing, as they must be thrown at Vosik, who will have fully regenerated his health, at around the same time to bring down his shield. In addition, he will activate a monitor when the charges are picked up. This monitor must be destroyed quickly or it will fill the room with a critical density of SIVA. Once his shield is down, unload everything you have, including the charges, into him; the damage phase only lasts twenty seconds before he brings it back up and activates all monitors for a critical SIVA density. You must then run into an illuminated room and activate a lock to ensure your survival, but once Vosik's attack ends, that lock can no longer be activated. There are four rooms that you can use. This process repeats until either Vosik is killed or your team runs out of rooms to use as safe zones.

Heroic Mode Changes[edit]

Hard Mode brings a few changes to the floor, but they all occur during phase two. For instance, six SIVA Charges will drop instead of three and all players will need to throw them at the same time. Once this has happened, Vosik will activate a giant monitor in the center of the room, except this one is a lot more durable than the others, and therefore requires a lot more firepower to destroy. This will begin the damage phase as normal, but when it ends, as you run to a safety room, the doors will be partially closed. You will have to slide under these doors to get inside and activate the lock so that your team does not wipe.

Challenge Mode Changes[edit]

Challenge Mode introduces a new mechanic for the clean rooms: instead of shooting the locks, they now have to be activated via SIVA Charge detonation. Two charges will drop at the end of the damage phase, indicating that two of the four available clean rooms must be used every time Vosik activates the critical SIVA density. Once inside a clean room, throw the SIVA charge at the lock to close the room. This means that Vosik must be killed within 3 damage phases, because on third phase there will be no clean rooms to protect the fireteam from critical SIVA density.

The Monitor[edit]

  • Either after or before the 2nd encounter begins, if the players are in the room in which the 2nd encounter with Vosik, the Archpriest takes place, the players can access a secret area that is located in a hole on the ceiling in the safe room that is on the left side of the room and is closest to the platform where Vosik, the Archpriest appears. This secret room contains a monitor that can be activated to disable one of the lasers that is located at the end of the Wrath of the Machine raid which blocks players from obtaining the Siva Engine item which when obtained starts the Channeling The Corruption quest.
  • If your team is wiped on phase two and they activated the monitor then the monitor is reset as if it was never activated and can be activated again.


  • During the development of Rise of Iron, Vosik was originally named "The Machinist".
  • Unlike other Scorch Cannons, Vosik's Scorch Cannon has a unique design and behaves like a grenade launcher.
  • Due to his Scorch Cannon arm, Vosik only possess three arms all-together, making him the only Fallen to possess said amount except for Taniks. All other Fallen possess either two or all four.
  • Vosik is one of the only three Fallen bosses that hold a Scorch Cannon along with Taniks and Skolas.
  • Vosik is the second tallest Fallen enemy behind Aksis, Archon Prime, as his height easily dwarfs the usual 12ft.1 Ultra Fallen by two times.


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