SIVA Charge

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SIVA Charge
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Production overview


Devil Splicers

Rarity class:


Weapon type:


Min-max impact:

Very High



SolarS.png Solar

Service history

In service:

Devil Splicers


Splicer Dregs
Fused Dreg
Enhanced Dreg


The SIVA Charge is a clump of unstable nanotechnology that glitches off the main SIVA swarm due to high-voltage fields and are used by Splicer Dregs of all types as grenades. These are a major mechanic in the Wrath of the Machine Raid to damage bosses.

Grimoire description[edit]

On occasion, in high-voltage fields, a clump of SIVA will glitch off the main swarm. Activated but without a directive, the unstable mass seethes. Touching it triggers a chain reaction with an explosive conclusion.


  • The Grimoire Card for the SIVA Charge can only be awarded after completing the Wrath of The Machine Raid, likely due to its key role in the Raid's gameplay.

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