Perfected Captain

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Perfected Captain
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Splicer Captain


Devil Splicers




Forge Champion


Archon's Forge



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Shock Rifle


High Durability
Rapid Movement
SIVA Teleport
Splicer Seeker
Ultra Smash
Summon Splicers
Summon Nodes


Perfected Captains are unique Splicer Captains that have achieved the rank of "Perfected" and thus serve as champions in the Archon's Forge Arena. They can be summoned by inserting a Perfected SIVA Offering into the console right next to the arena.


Perfected Captains are unlike any other Captain encountered in the Archon's Forge in that they behave more like Archons. They slowly creep up on Guardians while firing their Shock Rifle like a machine gun, pushing the player into cover for a brief moment only to flush them out. Their Shock Rifle is a regular, non-SIVA Arc variant, so it does not have a higher muzzle velocity but possesses an even greater degree of shot tracking and is highly damaging. But if their ranged weapon doesn't work, then they will teleport a long distance and then follow that up with an Ultra Smash, a shockwave that produces massive knockback and high damage, although it is most often an instant kill for any player who gets too close. Perfected Captains are also capable of tanking dozens of attacks before they go down.

This means that high-impact weaponry that is capable of sustained fire will be the best option here, as they will reliably keep him stunlocked for a long time. Using the Iron Battle Axe's heavy attack will send the Perfected Captain flying, allowing the player to keep him pinned in a corner and opening up the opportunity for other players to open fire on him from afar.

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