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"I never believed a machine could know hatred."
—Grimoire card description
Sepiks Prime
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The Devils' Lair


Servitor Eye


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Servitor Melee
Midair Levitation
High Durability
Summon Fallen


Sepiks Prime is the Prime Servitor[1] of the Fallen House of Devils. It appears in Old Russia in the Devils' Lair Strike mission as a boss. During the mission briefing in the trailer for the Devil's Lair Strike mission, it is referred to as a "Machine God".[2]


Sepiks Prime is at first invulnerable but immobile; it will drop its shield and start attacking once all Fallen in the area have been killed. It then attacks in a manner similar to a normal Servitor, firing Void Blasts periodically while teleporting to fixed positions around the area. It may prove to be a hard-to-reach target when at high elevations. If a Guardian is in close enough proximity, Sepiks will continuously wield a deadly health-draining ability called "Servitor Attack" until the Guardian is dead or moves out of range. Sepiks Prime's weak spot is its eye.[3] Killing Sepiks is a Vanguard bounty.[4]


  • During the mission Cayde's Stash, Sepiks' chassis is still within The Devils' Lair and is a scannable object.
    • Despite being blown into pieces when first destroyed by Guardians in the Devil's Lair, Sepiks Prime in the mission is still intact.
  • Sepiks Prime is resurrected by the Devil Splicers in Rise of Iron as Sepiks Perfected, augmented by SIVA, a technovirus with terrifying capabilities.
    • This makes Sepiks the third Servitor to be Reborn and the second to not bear the title of "Reborn," the second and first respectively is Orbiks Prime while the first Reborn Servitor overall is Kaliks Reborn.
  • Sepiks Prime is the first Prime Servitor to be featured in the Destiny franchise.


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