King of the Mountain

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The Walls Come Down

King of the Mountain
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Rise of Iron expansion


1 - 3


Plaguelands, Old Russia


Secure the Mountaintop

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"Lord Saladin has called you to defend an abandoned mountaintop observatory from a Fallen assault."
— In Game Description

King of the Mountain is the first story mission in Destiny Rise of Iron, and takes place on Felwinter Peak. The Guardian's objective is to secure it from the Fallen.[1]




Screen cuts to black.

The screen cuts to a solid blood red, then fades to the swirling image of an Iron Lord on the floor.

  • Saladin: Immortal. Fearless. We fought to protect the survivors of a once great age.

The Lord pushes themselves to all fours, before rising to a kneeling position and taking off their helmet. A brown-haired woman is revealed. She looks at her helmet, fractured and damaged. She then looks among the area, as a sentient cloud of red floats behind her.

  • Saladin: Our battle was about more than crawling back from the shadows.

The woman stands up and readies her weapon, a heavy machine gun. The entire area is red and swarming with streams of the infection. A few other Iron Lords pepper the area with various weaponry. She turns toward the front of the room, where two more are seen fighting the plague.

  • Saladin: The Iron Lords would give humanity back its future.

Cut to black.

Fade in on a small patch of snow where a dead Ghost sits. A wolf walks into frame, sniffing the broken lens. It lifts its head, turning toward the horizon. The camera changes view, revealing a few more wolves and statues of the lupine. The wolf in the foreground walks towards a bridge, as Lord Saladin appears, alone. He approaches from the opposite end, towards the wolves. The camera cuts to black again, and cuts back to the earlier battle. The Iron Lord Jolder sprints toward the entrance, jumping over and sliding under falling pieces of the room; the area is taking heavy damage and appears unstable. She fires her weapon at a stream, and runs to the door as another red cloud starts to infect one of her fireteam. She stumbles against the frame of the chamber in pain, looking outside. Lord Saladin is in a hallway to them, swinging a flaming Battle Axe at a swarm of clouds surrounding him. The camera cuts to a closer perspective. Saladin is swinging ferociously, loosing a battle cry with each flaming strike. Cut to black. Saladin appears in the doorway of an apparent shrine. There are eight statues surrounding the center, each one modeled after an Iron Lord. A small fire pit sits at the feet of each statue. Two statues of wolves circle the larger flame pit in the center. Saladin looks up to a towering iron statue of Jolder. The scene once more cuts back to the battle. Jolder stands, and clutches her abdomen in pain; the front of her armor is barely visible under the strain of infection. She looks on as Saladin stands, having eradicated the clouds surrounding him. He turns to face her, wearing a puzzled expression. She shakes her head, and reaches to her left. The camera cuts to a view behind her, where her hand reaches toward a monitor reading "DOOR SAFETY OVERRIDE: PURGE", and presses a red button next to it. The door starts to close, and Saladin rushes towards it. Jolder pulls out a small detonating charge, and holds it to her face, as the red strains start to form en masse behind her. Saladin screams in shock and horror as realization overwhelms him: Jolder is sacrificing herself and the rest of the Iron Lords to keep the threat neutralized. In the last instant, Jolder sadly presses the detonator. Just as the doors close and the strain consumes her, Jolder's face erupts in white as the explosives detonate.

Cut to black.

  • Saladin: Some know the legend.

Fade to the shrine, and Jolder's statue. A large flame pit sits in the center, where Saladin is now standing.

  • Saladin: But no one truly knows how the Iron Lords died their final deaths.

Saladin lifts a large bowl filled with water, and holds it over the central fire.

  • Saladin: That... was something you had to be there for...

Lord Saladin slowly pours the contents of the bowl into the fire pit, extinguishing the flame.

  • Saladin: To witness... to remember.

The scene changes to the outside of the chamber, the sealant smoldering in heat. Saladin pounds his fist on the door in vain; his brothers and sisters in battle are lost. He places his hand on the seam of the door, sobbing.

  • Saladin: To know even heroes can die...

Fluorescent lights activate, illuminating the hallway, the door, and Saladin's kneeling form, wracked with grief.

  • Saladin: ...and survival is not always a victory.

The scene fades to the smoldering embers of the shrine's dying flame, and Saladin exiting the chamber, his helmet under his arm.

  • Saladin: Now I am the lone sentry. And my watch is eternal....

The water spreads through the shrine, also putting out the fires of each statue in the room.

  • Saladin: ...waiting for the day when whatever we disturbed awakens.

He stops at the entrance to the shrine, and slowly replaces his helmet. He then continues walking outside.

  • Saladin: The Iron Lords are gone... but our fight is far from over.

Large metal doors close, revealing the symbol of the Iron Lords.

Fade to black.

{Cutscene Ends}


Fade into a diagram of the Solar System. A drawing of the Traveler starts to form. Surrounding the drawing are a dozen tiny symbols of Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks.

The drawing swiftly zooms out to show Earth, in a dazzling display.

  • Ghost: This isn't a simple smash-and-grab--they're on a mission.

The drawing of Earth zooms in to Old Russia, where a large Vanguard symbol appears over it.

  • Ghost: At first the Vanguard wasn't particularly concerned.

The Vanguard symbol flashes, disappears and is quickly replaced by the symbol for SIVA technology.

  • Ghost: At least, not until the Devils decided to move back into the Cosmodrome.

The symbol floats to the northeastern corner of Old Russia. A thick white border begins to form around the territory, and more symbols appear within it. Small veins appear from the symbols, visualizing the swift territorial control the Devils are gaining in that area.

  • Ghost: Now the Devils are shifting a massive amount of resources to an area nearby that's been dark for centuries! Normally I'd say this is just another day... (excitedly) except... what's really got everyone talking is that Lord Saladin has left his post at the Iron Banner to take charge of the situation personally!

The symbol of the Iron Lords appears over the Devils' area, then moves southwest towards the Cosmodrome.

  • Ghost: Only rather than go straight to the Cosmodrome, Saladin wants us to investigate an abandoned observatory in the mountains. Very strange...

The camera swiftly moves to a southeast area of the map, showing a simple drawing of Felwinter Peak.


The scene slowly fades in to a pristine white mountain slope. Tall trees blanket the area, while snow falls gently onto the ground. The Guardian's ship can be seen in the distance.

  • Saladin: A group of Fallen has captured Felwinter Peak. My team and I are en route, but we won't get there in time. I need you to secure the observatory at the top.

The ship floats to a close height above the ground and drops the Guardian onto the mountain.

  • Saladin: It is imperative the Fallen do not establish a foothold on that mountain.

Fade to black.


The Guardian makes their way up the mountain.

  • Saladin: If the Fallen are working their way up the mountain, their goal is to take Vostok Observatory.
  • Ghost: What would the Fallen want in an abandoned outpost?
  • Saladin: Things... better left buried.

As the Guardian continues, a Skiff breaks into atmosphere.

  • Saladin: There is a gondola near your location. Take it up to the observatory.

A platoon of Fallen are guarding the gondola station. The Guardian eliminates the Dregs and Vandals. A single gondola car sits at the edge of the station. The Guardian sends their Ghost to activate it.

  • Ghost: Whoa, this hasn't been activated for more than four hundred years!

The door opens and the Guardian steps in. The Ghost activates a panel inside the car, and it lurches to life, making its way higher.

  • Ghost: With this sort of reception, it might be a touch ambitious to think we can secure the entire observatory.
  • Saladin: There's a courtyard in the rear of the facility. If you can secure that, you should be able to keep them from the Iron Temple until we arrive.
  • Ghost: Wait, Iron Temple? (curiously) Like Iron Banner? Iron Lords?
  • Saladin: Stay focused! There's too much at stake.

The gondola makes its way past several plateaus. A few Vandal snipers are perched on each one. A Vandal fires a flare in alert.

  • Ghost: Watch out!

The Vandals open fire on the worn cart, and the Guardian is forced to retaliate. Skiffs flank the gondola on both ends, dropping additional troops.

  • Ghost: I think there's more of them!

Tracer Shanks now attack the Guardian as well, the gondola suffering even more damage.

  • Ghost: I don't think I like this little metal box any more!

A Skiff pulls up next to the gondola itself, attacking directly with its cannons. It blows a hole in the side with its heavy artillery, and the gondola stops moving.

  • Ghost: We can't take another hit like that--jump!

If the Guardian stalls:

  • Ghost: Come on, you can do this... just jump!

The Guardian leaps from the opening and lands on a slope, sliding down to a ledge; they must continue on foot.

  • Ghost: I don't understand. If there's something so important up there, why wasn't the Vanguard protecting the Temple all these years?
  • Saladin: This place and its secrets are my responsibility.

The Guardian ventures further, making their way around narrow ledges and paths, finding another Fallen squad, led by a Captain. As the Guardian kills them:

  • Ghost: Y'know... this is more than a few Fallen. Just for the record.
  • Saladin: We cannot afford even one to claim what lies on that mountain.

The Guardian climbs a windy incline, and finally reaches the entrance to the observatory. A dozen Stealth Vandals appear from various points all over the plateau and ambush the Guardian. Blending into the total whiteness of the area, they seem almost completely invisible. The Guardian either defeats them or outsmarts them and finds a landing pad, where a large number of Fallen guard the area. A strange, warbling sound is heard, almost like mechanical laughter.

  • Ghost: Be careful... picking something up nearby.

Signs of civilization grow larger as the Guardian finally reaches Vostok Observatory. A red Servitor hovers a great distance away. A few Dregs are kneeling in front of it.

  • Ghost: Servitor!--Wait...

The Servitor teleports in front of the Guardian and starts attacking. The Servitor is revealed to not only be an Ultra, but an extremely damaged and disfigured Prime with red tendrils and nanite mists belching out of its once pristine frame. A large shield is holding its parts together, invulnerable to the Guardian. As it's lone eye turns to face the Guardian, it's name flashes in bright letters, Sepiks Perfected.

  • Ghost: (stunned) Sepiks Prime!? It's supposed to be dead! And there's something odd in the energy signature! It's not Fallen, but it's regenerating!
  • Saladin: Did you say it's regenerating?! (urgently) Kill Sepiks, Guardian! Kill it now!

Sepiks teleports away, deeper into the observatory. The Guardian makes their way toward the Temple, encountering more Fallen.

  • Saladin: If that's what I think it is, the Temple doors will not be strong enough to hold it back! You must destroy it before that happens! Do not let Sepiks enter that Temple!

The Guardian reaches the Iron Temple, with the Prime, now designated as Sepiks Perfected, firing at the door. The Guardian fires at Sepiks until his shields drop.

  • Saladin: Detecting reinforcements approaching your coordinates!

Skiffs land and drop large groups of Fallen to defend the Prime, but the Guardian continues to fight, despite the Fallen's best efforts.

  • Saladin: (urgently) You must hold the mountain, Guardian!

The Guardian finally defeats Sepiks Perfected. Cut to black.


An establishing view of the Iron Lords' shrine is shown as The Guardian and Ghost walk up to the doors.

  • Ghost: All this trouble to break into an old temple?

A ship breaks atmosphere, gaining the Guardian's attention. Lord Saladin, holding Jolder's machine gun, lands in front of the Guardian. Wasting no time, the Iron Lord raises his weapon to fire at two Vandals who appear behind them. They die nearly instantly. Saladin walks past the Guardian.

  • Saladin: Even old wolves still bite. (to comms) Shiro, what's your status?
  • Shiro-4: Circling around to make sure the area's clear. Be there in a sec.
  • Saladin: Well done, Guardian.

He turns to face them.

  • Saladin: The Temple is secure. Now we can--

Saladin is interrupted by a hissing noise. They both turn to see Sepiks Perfected slowly rising near them before teleporting away.

  • Saladin: Shiro! Get a lock on him!

The two run toward the edge of the foyer, looking for the Servitor's location.

  • Shiro: Just picked up--wait... Multiple impacts near the wall in Sector 17!
  • Saladin: They're attacking the sensor grid. They must know where SIVA is! Guardian, go to the Cosmodrome immediately! If Sepiks escapes, the Fallen won't be our only problem!

Fade to black

{Mission Ends}


Fallen - House of Devils


This Mission takes place within the Iron Temple Social Space.



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