The Iron Tomb

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"Descend to the SIVA replication chamber, and end the threat once and for all."
— In game description


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The Iron Tomb
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Rise of Iron expansion


1 - 3


Site 6, Plaguelands, Old Russia

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The Iron Tomb is a story mission in Destiny Rise of Iron. It takes place in the SIVA Replication Complex and the final mission in the SIVA Crisis on Earth.[1]


  • Enter the Giant's Husk
  • Reset the Reactor
  • Go to The Archon's Keep
  • Reach the SIVA Complex
  • Descend Into the Iron Tomb
  • Enter the SIVA Chamber
  • Access the SIVA Replicator
  • Initiate Self-Destruct
  • Take The Axe
  • Initiate Self-Destruct
  • Escape the Explosion


{Loading screen}

  • SHIRO-4: When the Splicers started fusing SIVA into their systems, they created a massive network to control the nano-tech. So, just like they took down our sensor grid, we're going to take down theirs.That should neutralize SIVA long enough for you to enter the replication complex.
  • LORD SALADIN: This is where my fellow Iron Lords sacrificed their lives. You must stop the flow of SIVA now forever, no matter the cost.


  • SHIRO: There are a lot of Splicers between you and that replication chamber, Guardian. Stay alert.

The Guardian mounts their Sparrow and heads toward Giant's Husk.

  • SHIRO: The Splicers have built a fortress to protect the entrance to the complex. Shortsightedly, they decided to use the reactor to an old oil tanker as a power source. That's going to be our ticket.

The Guardian arrives at the beached tanker, fighting off Splicers as they ascend the stairs towards the interior.

  • GHOST: Picking up a strong energy signature.
  • SHIRO: That'll be the reactor. Swapping the fusion cells should knock out the network for a few minutes. Defenses, replication, everything.

The Guardian heads inside and finds the center of the ship, swarming with Splicers. Threads of SIVA have wrapped itself around most of the terminals and computers inside.

  • GHOST: Ok.... Pull the fusion cell and switch it with its counterpart.

Two cores sit on opposite sides of a small staircase, each guarded by Dregs and Servitors. The Guardian removes one core, walks around to the other side, and places it in the incorrect reactor.

  • GHOST: Okay, tinkering with an unstable Golden Age reactor infested with SIVA? (dismissively) Child's play.

The Guardian repeats the process with the second core, and small explosions start to rock the interior. SIVA nodes start to react visibly, sparks flying and electrical currents surging through the cord-like substance.

  • GHOST: Wow, that was fast.
  • SHIRO: Maybe, but it won't last.
  • SALADIN: Move, Guardian! The SIVA Replication Complex awaits.

One of the explosions opens a hole in another side of the ship, offering a shortcut back outside. Back on their Sparrow, the Guardian races towards the Archon's Keep.

  • SALADIN: The Iron Lords' original plan was to destroy the replicator in the SIVA chamber. Jolder's explosion apparently only damaged it, so when you reach the chamber, you will need to finish what she began.
  • GHOST: That won't stop the Fallen from using the SIVA they already have.
  • SHIRO: There's more than one battle in a war.

As the Guardian makes their way through the Doomed Sea, more nodes are seen damaged and offline; some even explode in close proximity to the Guardian as they drive past. Upon reaching the Archon's Keep, a massive explosion tears through the observatory in the far distance.

  • GHOST: What was that?!
  • SHIRO': Saladin said the Fallen couldn't control SIVA... I'm guessing that disrupting their hold on it is having some adverse effects.
  • SALADIN: I wouldn't celebrate too quickly.

As the observatory smolders in flames, the Guardian continues. As they approach the Forge, the entrance explodes right in front of the Guardian. Several Fallen are seen, either dead or blinded by the blast, staggering outside. Either the Guardian kills them or uses the opportunity to proceed inside.

  • SALADIN: Only a few of us reached the Replication Complex. The worst of Rasputin's defenses had already blanketed this entire area. Frames... constructs... some things I haven't seen before nor since. They felt no pain, no fear.
  • GHOST: All we've seen so far is Fallen.

Encountering a Captain and some Dregs, the Guardian kills them and makes their way into The Warrens.

  • SALADIN: Last time, his presence was almost physical. I think he was trying to communicate, but we did not understand.
  • GHOST: How can you be so certain Rasputin won't get involved once we're inside?
  • SALADIN: The Vanguard still believe Rasputin to be simply a Warmind. He hasn't been that for a very long time.

The Guardian finds a small, narrow vent further within The Warrens, and Ghost is forced to activate his flashlight. A breadcrumb trail of SIVA litters the vent, and the Guardian finds an opening to drop out of. Now underground, the Guardian fights off large waves of devout Splicers guarding the area.

  • GHOST: So when we stop the production of SIVA—(sarcastically) because it'll be that easy—what about who's controlling it?
  • SHIRO: I have some leads on that—Fallen chatter about some crazy Splicer priest who wants to play God. I'm kind of with Saladin now, though. Zealots can take a back seat until the heavy lifting is done.

The Guardian comes across a locked door with a terminal sitting near an observation deck. The Ghost is sent to unlock the door, while the Guardian notices a high-ranking Captain with a Scorch Cannon on the bottom floor. After the door opens, the Guardian eliminates the Captain, along with multiple Dregs, Vandals and Tracer Shanks.

  • SALADIN: The Replication Chamber is beneath you. Look for a way down.

The Guardian learns the Captain was guarding a hole in the floor. Looking below, they find an immeasurably long fall, leading down to what appear to be inner caves. More of Rasputin's structures are found built into the natural formations. The Guardian jumps down.

  • GHOST: (queasily) Why aren't there ever stairs?

The Guardian uses their movement ability to prevent what would've been a certain death from the fall. A few Splicers exit a room to the Guardian's right. One of them shoots a flare. The Guardian opens fire.

  • SALADIN: You are close to SIVA's dark heart, Young Wolf. Be on your guard.

They continue forward, wiping out more Fallen squads. Once they reach the blast door bearing Rasputin's symbol, the door opens for them, revealing the hallway where the Iron Lords made their last stand. The entire area is shrouded in dark red light; there are strong threads of SIVA covering every square foot of the chamber, a haunting sight.

  • SALADIN: I did what I could to protect their resting place. But I knew what would happen if someone found it. We were touched by the Light... I--(stammers) I didn't even know someone with the Traveler's Gift could die... until they did. (pauses) Find the replicator, and deactivate it. Only that will stop the flow of SIVA,once and for all.

As they carefully journey further in, the Guardian sees the chamber, completely covered—even held aloft—by branches of SIVA. The chamber itself has been separated from the metal hallway, and now sits in an ocean of pulsing blood red; even the bridge across is composed entirely of the element. The Guardian walks inside and finds, among the solidified masses of SIVA, three hanging objects near the center, obscured by more and more red tendrils.

  • GHOST: Those things on the ceiling... I'm detecting DNA—(shocked) they're... human!

Upon closer inspection, the Guardian and Ghost find a horrifying sight: the objects hanging from the ceiling are dead bodies—the bodies of the Iron Lords. Gheleon, Felwinter and even Jolder's limp corpses line the chamber in a truly sickening display. At the front, an Iron Battle Axe hangs from Felwinter's hand.

  • SHIRO: Human?! (pauses) That's not possible.

The Guardian returns to the task at hand, and finds a small terminal. They send their Ghost to examine it.

  • GHOST: Entering self-destruct.

A few lights activate as the Ghost continues his work, further illuminating the perversely deformed battlefield. Suddenly, Felwinter's body starts to glow and sway, a swarm of SIVA covering it.

  • GHOST: (panicked) What's happening?!

Without warning, the body of Felwinter is yanked straight upwards, into the red abyss. The Iron Axe falls from his hands and lands in front of the Guardian.

  • SALADIN: (terrified) No... it can't be!!

Cautiously, the Guardian walks towards the Axe and picks it up. The very instant they do an enormous, SIVA covered being lands right upon the Guardian, sending them flying backwards. The monster, Remnant of Felwinter, towers massively over them and wields a heavy machine gun and what appears to be a prosthetic drill.

  • GHOST: That thing... it's using the Iron Lords' armor!

As the Guardian uses the Axe against the mutated creature, the symbol of the Iron Lords can be seen on all of Felwinter's armor; the SIVA has taken over it and uses the armor against the Guardian to further empower themselves. The Guardian attacks the Remnant with the Battle Axe vigorously. Should the Axe be fully drained of its power, several torches can be found in the area to Rekindle its flame. The Remnant is finally defeated, and dies in a brilliant flash of sizzling white light. The Guardian's relief quickly fades however—not only do Fallen Splicers appear and open fire on the Guardian, but both Gheleon and Jolder's bodies are absorbed into the chamber and are both made into Remnants at once. Fighting with all their might, and Rekindling their Axe where necessary, the Guardian eventually destroys the reinforcements, and defeat the Remnants of Jolder and Gheleon. The bodies of the Iron Lords are finally at rest.

  • SALADIN: (firmly) Young Wolf... finish this.

The Guardian sends Ghost to resume the self-destruct sequence. The symbol for SIVA flashes on the screen, and large explosions shake the chamber. Like a blood-red fountain, dozens of tendrils of SIVA freely spray out from the computer terminal, and the rest of the infection hisses and sizzles, visibly in pain.

  • GHOST: (calmly) We need to go. We need to go very fast.

As more and more explosions destroy the area, the Guardian runs for their life back the way they came. A few more religiously devout Shanks and Dregs stay to slow the Guardian down, but they ignore them and escape to the exterior outside the hallway. The metal doors slam shut, and the final detonation, though muffled, quakes the entire underground facility. The threat of SIVA is finally over.

  • SALADIN: Well done, my Young Wolf. SIVA is gone, and the Iron Lords are at peace. Return to the Iron Temple. You have earned your reward.

Mission ends.


The view slowly fades in as the image slowly pans down the large tree inside the Iron Lords' Shrine. Lord Saladin stands at the base, in between the statues of Jolder and Silimar. The Guardian walks up to him, holding an object in their hands. Ghost follows along with them.

  • GHOST: The SIVA replicator is destroyed. We found this near it.

The Guardian lifts their hands, revealing Jolder's helmet, worn down with age. Saladin walks toward the Guardian and gently grasps the helmet. A light smile appears on his face.

  • SALADIN: Thank you... she would be honored.

He then turns towards the statues, revealing a small ceremonial stand bearing the Iron Banner insignia.

  • SALADIN: My brothers and sisters... I will see you again. Someday...

Saladin turns back to the Guardian and nods in appreciation.

  • SALADIN: (proudly) You've given them back to me.

The Iron Lord places Jolder's helmet on the stand, and above it, gently lifts a large broadsword. Holding the sword in both hands, he turns to face the Guardian.

  • SALADIN: Approach.

The Guardian walks the last remaining steps to Lord Saladin. The Ghost looks closely at the sword.

  • SALADIN: There was a time that only Iron Lords carried these blades. There are many like this in our armory, but this one is new.

Saladin holds the sword, The Young Wolf's Howl, up to the Guardian.

  • SALADIN: It is yours, Young Wolf. You are the first of a new generation. Take your place as an Iron Lord.

The Guardian retrieves the sword from Lord Saladin's hands, examines it, then turns toward the center of the Shrine, holding it in their hands, and gently touching the sharp tip of the blade to the ground. The camera cuts to a wide view of the Iron Lord Shrine, the statues honoring the Iron Lords of the past, and the reverent stance of the Iron Lord of the future.

Cut to black.


Fallen - Devils Splicers



  • Felwinter's model is the same as Jolder's and Gheleon's, despite being an Exo and not human along with Ghost saying that they're human even though Felwinter is Exo.
  • The Remnants were called "Iron Monstrosity (Name here)", "SIVA Monstrosity (Name Here)", and "SIVA Mutant" during the early stages of Rise of Iron's development.



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