Beauty in Destruction

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Echoes of the Past

Beauty in Destruction


Rise of Iron expansion


1 - 3

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The tale of a weapon forged for a new Iron Lord.

Beauty in Destruction is a Quest in Destiny Rise of Iron and awards the Guardian with the Year 3 Gjallarhorn on completion. The Quest is started by completing the Quest Echoes of the Past

Part 1: Talk to Saladin[edit]

"The Gjallarhorn is a message. It is simple enough for even the foolish to understand."
Lord Saladin

Talk to Lord Saladin at the Iron Temple

Part 2: Talk to Tyra[edit]

"You cannot separate the history of the Iron Lords and the history of this weapon. They are one and the same."
Tyra Karn

Talk to Tyra Karn at the Iron Temple.

Part 3: Collect Iron Medallions[edit]

"The sight of the Iron Lords striding into battle is a faded memory. They lie dead, and their foes even more so."
— Tyra Karn

Collect Iron Medallions at the Iron Temple and Cosmodrome on Earth.

Part 4: Talk to Tyra[edit]

"As survivors of the Last City, we must always seek a peace. But we must also appreciate beauty in destruction."
— Tyra Karn

Talk to Tyra Karn at the Iron Temple.

"Every medallion represents an Iron Lord that fell in battle. You will bear wolf heads on your weapon as a testament to their sacrifice. A sign that the will of the Iron Lords may falter, but it will never break. I must ask you again to step through the past, travel to the Tower along the wall known as 'Bannerfall.' It was home to the workshop of Fiezul Crux himself and should hold what we need."

Part 5: A Symbol of Honor[edit]

"There was a campaign to call it Lysander's Folly, but I don't want people even remembering his name."
Ikora Rey

Complete the mission "A Symbol of Honor" on Earth.

Part 6: Talk to Tyra[edit]

"When the Iron Lords spoke, the wolf packs listened. So it was in the days before the Vanguard."
— Tyra Karn

Talk to Tyra Karn at the Iron Temple.

Part 7: Collect Dormant SIVA[edit]

"This stuff has to be good for something, right?"

Collect Dormant SIVA across the Plaguelands on Earth.

Part 8: Talk to Saladin[edit]

"Who will stand with me? Who will bear this weapon and honor the dead with every battle?"
— Lord Saladin

Talk to Lord Saladin at the Iron Temple.

Part 9: Beauty in Delivery[edit]

"The Fallen will never understand. In the war for Earth, they have already lost. We have but to finish the slaughter."
— Lord Saladin

Complete the mission "Beauty in Delivery" in the Cosmodrome.

Part 10: Talk to Saladin[edit]

"The Wolf Pack round was a statement. And it said all the Iron Lords would ever need to say on the battlefield."
— Crux

Talk to Lord Saladin at the Iron Temple.