Echoes of the Past

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Rise of Iron (Quest)


Beauty in Destruction

Echoes of the Past


Rise of Iron expansion


1 - 3

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A noble warrior requires a noble weapon. Prove yourself worthy of the Gjallarhorn, and you will become a part of its legend.

Echoes of the Past is a Quest in Destiny Rise of Iron, which starts the Quest Beauty in Destruction and awards the Guardian with the Year 3 Gjallarhorn on completion.[1] It is obtained by Lord Saladin at the Iron Temple during the main Rise of Iron Quest.

Part 1: Await the Call[edit]

"Darkness still lurks in the Plaguelands. This battle must wait until the one against SIVA is won."
— Lord Saladin

Finish the Rise of Iron campaign.

Part 2: Patrol the Plaguelands[edit]

"Picking up some odd readings in the Plaguelands. Sending your Ghost the details."

Complete the Anomaly Scan patrol near The Archon's Keep.


  • This Quest is started during a separate Quest, and ends by starting another separate one.
  • This Quest is unique in that it does not offer any direct rewards.


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