Pretender to the Throne

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Pretender to the Throne


The Taken King




Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn


Stop Malok from rallying the Taken under his leadership

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Pretender to the Throne is a story mission in The Taken King available in the April Update. Guardians are sent to confront the Taken Prince Malok, Pride of Oryx, who is attempting to seize the Osmium Throne.


  • Investigate The Taken Threat
  • Eliminate Taken
  • Subdue the Taken


  • VARIKS: Oryx is dead. Taken, unleased. Many seek to claim the throne.
  • GHOST: I though that killing would have ended the threat. Instead, we created a power vacuum

Guardian arrives in the Mausoleum in the Dreadnaught

  • VARIKS: Taken power strong here. New leader rises. He hungers for Oryx’s power.
  • GHOST: One Taken King was enough, thank you.
  • VARIKS: Taken are cautious. Hiding.
  • GHOST: I don’t think it will be a problem.


Guardian arrives in The Founts and is confronted by Taken

  • GHOST: And here we go.

The Guardian defeats the Taken

  • GHOST: No sign of a new Taken prince yet…
  • VARIKS: He is close.

Malok, Pride of Oryx appears and confronts the Guardian

  • VARIKS: Malok. Capture him, Guardian. Bring him to Prison of Elders.

Taken appear

  • GHOST: You want him alive? Whatever happened to “kill them back”?

Malok escapes

  • GHOST: He’s getting away!
  • VARIKS: Bah. Malok delays judgement. Cannot escape it.
  • VARIKS: Prey wants to run. We follow. Taken will hold his Echo. Find it and follow Malok.

Mission Ends



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