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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Knock, Knock
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The Taken King




Meridian Bay, Mars


Hold the line against a brutal assault by the broken House of Wolves

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Knock, Knock, is a Story Mission, in Destiny: The Taken King. It take place within the Rubicon Wastes, and is the second mission for The Wolves of Mars quest line.


  • Reach The Cabal base
  • Stop Cabal Reinforcements
  • Destroy The Wolf Walker


All dialogue is spoken through the Ghost's comms.

{Loading screen}

  • VARIKS: House Wolves seeks to claim territory, as Fallen always do. Brute force, no mercy. Cabal are soldiers. Trained for war. Very good at war. This time, I think, Skolas's crew have met their match.


The Guardian's ship lands at Scablands, they began to enter Firebase Rubicon.

  • VARIKS: Hmmm. Weapons fire on far side of base. Intense. Very Intense.

The Guardian is at Firebase Rubicon, where the Cabal's base is filled with multiple supplies and barricades, presumably to help the out their fellow soldiers, who are at Rubicon Wastes.

  • PETRA VENJ: Variks, have you had any luck finding their new Kell, if they even have one?
  • Variks: No, Fallen Houses do not...we do not handle loss of leaders well. For Wolves to be moving, organized, someone must...lead.

The Guardian then defeats any future Cabal reinforcements, and leaves the base, as they head into Rubicon Wastes, where they face off against a Wolf Walker.

  • PETRA VENJ: A Walker? Where do find these things? Guardian, stay out of the crossfire. And good luck!

The Guardian then battles and destroy the Wolf Walker, along with any Fallen or Cabal soldiers, who were there.

  • VARIKS: Walker down! Cabal in retreat! Expect no less from you, Guardian. Variks forming theory. Will continue search for leaders of House Wolves, yes.

{Mission ends}


Cabal - Blind Legion and Dust Giants[edit]

Fallen - House of Wolves[edit]


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