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Tenebrous Tunnels


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Meridian Bay, Mars


Remove the Taken Blights on Mars

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Tenebrous Tunnels is a Story mission in Destiny The Taken King. It takes place in the Meridian Bay on Mars and is the first mission in the The Taken War questline on the planet.[1]


  • Track the Taken
  • Explore the Garden
  • Eliminate the Taken


{Loading screen}

  • COMMANDER ZAVALA: The success of Vanguard stems from training, from gear, and most of all... from experience. Your mission to Phobos was what started this war. I can think of no one better suited to lead this assault.


  • ZAVALA: The tunnel system beneath the old city of Freehold is extensive. Much of it is uncharted. But thankfully, much of it is also collapsed. This should be a standard sweep-and-clear... good luck.

The Guardian heads toward the entrance of the old subway station, which has Taken emerging from it. They move on, into the pitch black darkness of Freehold Station. A horde of Taken, including Minotaurs, have infected the area. The Guardian kills them all and heads deeper inside. More Taken await the Guardian in the tunnels, including Hobgoblins and Centurions. They quickly deal with the enemies and reach the Tharsis Junction.

  • GHOST: This rail system was endless. It connected colonies, dig sites... I'm even detecting a line that runs all the way up to the Cradle at the North Pole.

The Guardian continues down the tunnels, past the abandoned trains and dormant Vex gates. Upon finding a large group of Taken, they discover a large hole in the far wall. Even more mutated infantry spill into the area. The Guardian continues investigating, and they are surprised to find the entrance to the Black Garden.

  • GHOST: Temporal energy... strands of Darkness... Vex circuitry.
  • ZAVALA: (astonished) The Black Garden? We had no idea this entrance existed! Guardian, there are Vex among the Taken. They may know how to reform the heart!

The Guardian continues exploring the Garden silently. Eventually they turn a corner and find themselves face to face with an Echo of Oryx. It disappears immediately and drops a few Taken soldiers in its place.

  • GHOST: An Echo of Oryx! That explains where the Taken are coming from.

The Guardian defeats the soldiers and continues ahead. The Echo is waiting for them around another corner. Like before, the Echo disappears and leaves more enemies in its wake. As the pattern forms, the message becomes clear: The Echo is leaving behind a trail for the Guardian to follow. Eventually, this leads the Guardian to the inner workings of the Black Garden. All across the vast landscape, several Taken portals sit scattered around the once pristine oasis.

  • GHOST: When we destroyed the heart, we locked the Garden to the surface of Mars. All the Taken had to do was... walk through the front door.

The Guardian finds the Echo, floating in front of a Vex gate. Upon making contact with the Guardian, it disappears. The portal closes behind it, and a Taken Lieutenant steps out. Surrounded by Centurions and Hobgolins, the Guardian fights and eventually kills Bracus Sho'ogurn. The remaining Taken retreat.

  • ZAVALA: (anxiously) An Echo of Oryx loose in the Black Garden?! The thought chills my very soul. It may have escaped, but your assault was a categoric success. We'll have teams mop up the remaining Taken and we can begin tracking that Echo.

{Mission ends}


Vex - Sol Divisive



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