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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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"You are a Goblin. A multifunctional armature. Your first purpose is to build — to alter the material world so it can think. Your second purpose is to eliminate threats to building. [...] Direct violence is wasteful. Your talent for construction and progress will be repurposed. Accept the changing blade."
Grimoire description
Taken Goblin
Grimoire Taken Goblin.jpg
Biographical Information




Light Support



Combat Information


Void Slap Rifle (common)
Solar Torch Hammer (rare)


Projection Shield
Rapid Movement
Void Melee


The Taken Goblin is a type of Taken Vex which spawn in groups of three. When in close proximity, one or two generates an invincible shield for the third. Can occasionally teleport short distances. They are armed primarily with Void Slap Rifles but occasionally use Solar Torch Hammers. Unlike their non-Taken counterparts, their weak point is the head like other enemies.

Known Taken Goblins[edit]

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