Gulrot, Unclean

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Gulrot, Unclean
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Combat Information


Prison of Elders: Cult of the Worm


Void Eye Blast
Ground Slam
Slowness Bile
Protect Weak Spot
High Durability
Summon Hive

"It is the physical form of sickness and rot; a walking disease. Cure it."
Grimoire description.[1]

Gulrot, Unclean is a Hive Ogre locked away in the Prison of Elders. It was created by the Worm Keepers, a group of Wizards who lacked the resources to do a proper summoning, but did so out of desperation. As part of it's imprisonment in the Prison of Elders, Gulrot and the Worm Keepers were subjected to slaughter by Guardians lured by treasure.


Like Phogoth, Gulrot's weakspot is its exposed heart on its chest. Gulrot has all the standard Ogre attacks. What makes Gulrot especially dangerous though is that every couple of minutes, Gulrot will pour bile into the air (this is preceded by the message "Gulrot's stomach gurgles and churns"). This has the effect of slowing down Guardians to a standstill, similar to the effect of a Web Mine explosion, except on a much slower scale.


  • "Gulrot" is Norwegian for "babycarrot".[2]
  • Gulrot is the only ogre boss presented in the Prison of Elders.
  • The weak spot on Gulrot's chest is also the weak point of Phogoth, making them the only Ogres to have a chest critical spot.

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