Taniks, the Scarred

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Taniks, the Scarred
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The Shadow Thief


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"He is a murderer...and very good at what he does."
Variks, the Loyal[1]

Taniks, the Scarred is an infamous Fallen mercenary working for the House of Wolves, though he will hire himself out to any House. He is encountered in The Shadow Thief Strike.


At some point during his life, Taniks was inspired by the accomplishments of Sekris, Baron of Shanks[2]

Taniks was responsible for breaking Aksor, Archon Priest out of the Prison of Elders, and for murdering the Hunter Vanguard Andal Brask. Taniks is known to graft technology onto himself from each of his exploits.[3] He also craves combat, as he views his enemies as trophies and as such hones his combat skills for fun,[4] and worships machinery to such a degree he has augmented himself extensively. Hired by the House of Wolves, Taniks and his crew attempted to plunder the Hellmouth before a fireteam of Guardians arrived to kill him, pursuing the mercenary through his Ketch before meeting his end. [5][6]

A year after the Taken War the Devil Splicers uses SIVA to resurrect him and become Taniks Perfected.[7]


"I remember Taniks from the Reef Wars. Many Awoken dead. Clever, clever creature."
— Variks, the Loyal[4]

He and his Ketch, Kaliks-Syn, are found on the Moon. Unlike most Fallen commanders, he is armed with a Scorch Cannon, which he uses with devastating effect. With this weapon, he can effectively hold down an area at any range. In addition, he will smash the ground if a Guardians wanders too close to him. Like many Captains, he can teleport. Unlike most Captains, though, he can teleport long distances. He uses this to avoid being defeated in one confrontation, requiring players to wear down his health until he can be cornered.


  • Taniks is believed to have once been a member of an extinct Fallen house called the House of Scar. According to the flavor text of the Legendary Auto Rifle Does Not Bow, Taniks was punished with docking by his Kell; subsequently he built his first mechanical arms and took revenge.[8]
  • Taniks' cloak is orange and features an insignia not belonging to any known House. Whether it belongs to the House Taniks originates from, or is unique to Taniks himself, is unknown. It is also a random strike-exclusive Legendary drop for the hunter.
  • He's the fourth Fallen seen with eight orange eyes, and the first one to have his own unique model.
  • Taniks' is one of three Fallen Ultras found with Scorch Cannons, the others being Skolas and Vosik.
  • Taniks is one of the only Fallen enemies to kill a high authority of the Last City.
  • He leads his own group of loyal Fallen called Tanik's Crew.
  • Based on the context of Cayde-6's last messages, specifically for Taniks, it is plausible that Taniks, despite being killed twice by the events of Destiny (during the Wolf Rebellion, and the Age of Triumph), may once again be active.


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