Morning Star

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Morning Star



Enemy Factions:

House of Salvation

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Clarity Control

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The Morning Star was a space station orbiting the icy moon of Europa. It can be accessed in the Deep Stone Crypt raid where Guardians traverse the ship in order to defeat Atraks-1, Fallen Exo and Taniks, Reborn.

The ship served as the failsafe for Clovis Bray I if any entity breached the Crypt. The nuclear descent failsafe protocol was activated by the Crypt AI, which caused the Morning Star to hurtle into the atmosphere of Europa with a number of nuclear warheads on board by the control room. Europa's destruction is ultimately averted by the Guardian, as they deposited all of the nuclear cores into the station's ports in the Deep Stone Crypt. The ship was destroyed as a result of the orbital collision.


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