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Morning Star
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Orbital Station



Enemy Factions:

House of Salvation

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Clarity Control

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The Morning Star was a space station constructed by Clovis Bray I that orbited the icy moon of Europa. It served as a support station for the Deep Stone Crypt, but also built as a contingency plan to annihilate all the secrets of the facility if any entity breached the Crypt.

The station was a disguised enormous fusion bomb to obliterate Europa and to further prevent any issues from escalating beyond Jupiter.


It featured prominently in the Deep Stone Crypt raid, where the Exo Stranger sent the Guardians to alleviate the threat of Atraks-1, Fallen Exo and Taniks, Reborn.

The House of Salvation breach awoke the Crypt AI and prompted it to activate the station's nuclear descent protocol. This would launch the Morning Star into the atmosphere of Europa and attempt to destroy the moon by setting off the nuclear warheads on board. The nuclear destruction was averted by the Guardians who worked together to deposit the nuclear cores into the station's ports.

However, since the station was already descending into Europa, it was destroyed as a result of the orbital collision.


  • Crypt AI: Artificial Intelligence activated. Enjoying yourselves, intruders? It’s worth knowing the cataclysmic damage you will be responsible for today. Do not fool yourselves. This facility is not simply the fruitless work of some pathetic scientist. This house was built by the genius Clovis Bray I himself. Within lies humanity’s salvation. La fontaine de jouvence. Made possible by Clarity Control. Magnificent, wasn’t it? An entity from beyond our own dimension. And the answer to humanity’s eternal struggle: mortality. Were it to fall into the wrong hands, humanity, and the universe, would be utterly doomed. I have no reason to believe you are anything other than “the wrong hands.” You now face godlike judgment. May it extend externally.


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