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Clovis Bray

Every night, I dream of battle. So much so, I wonder if my past self, Noe-0, was a warrior. They say no. They tell me I was a pilot. Yet I do not dream of flying.

Noe-2 was a employee of the Clovis Bray corporation who was amongst the first people turned into an Exo. Noe worked on the Glassway portal to 2082 Volantis and fought alongside Elisabeth Bray during the Battle of Europa.


After being uploaded to an Exo body, Noe began dreaming of fighting towards a tower. This caused him to wonder if his original self had been a warrior, but he was informed that he had been a pilot in his previous life.[1]

As another expedition through the Glassway was being prepared, Noe noticed that there was a critical error in the monitoring equipment they had placed on the other side at 2082 Volantis to monitor Vex activity. This prevented them from telling what was on the other side or what was coming through the portal, which had never occurred before. Noe reported this error to Dr. Esteban Ruiz, who quickly informed Elisabeth Bray. As the team debated what to do, Vex forces began emerging from the Glassway and attacking the Glassway staff. Noe and the rest fought back but suffered heavy casualties and were eventually forced to retreat when Belmon, Transcendent Mind emerged.[2]

Over the next two weeks the Vex invaded the surface of Europa and overran the Eventide colony, massacring much of the population. Noe joined with a large group of survivors taking shelter in Creation, where Clovis Bray I had transferred his consciousness into a giant Exo head. Upon returning from a mission with Elsie and Mia-9, they discovered that Clovis I had activated Clovis-1, a second Exo copy of himself that lacked his memories. The Brays argued over the best course of action, with Noe joining Elsie in planning on evacuating after saving civilians trapped in Bunker E15.[3] However, Clovis I sabotaged their evacuation plans and killed several of them by bombing their ship rather than risk losing his holdings on Europa to Elsie's plan to defeat the Vex by crashing the Morning Star orbital station into the moon. Noe and the remaining survivors rallied behind Elsie and Clovis-1 to take the battle to the Vex and close the Glassway to end the invasion.[4]

After the Bray's recovered weapons to aid them in the battle, the combat-ready Exos fought across the surface of Europa to reach their target. Many of them perished in the attempt but were revived by other survivors at the Deep Stone Crypt, allowing them to make incremental progress across. Sadly, many memory units burned out due to repeated revives, with those Exo minds being lost forever. Noe was greatly impressed by Clovis-1 during the battle, observing that he seemed to fight to fill some void from his previous life, and held great faith in the leadership of Elsie. He was amongst the few Exos who remained standing when they reached the Glassway, where they found Belmon guarded by a small army of Vex. They managed to defeat them, with Clovis-1, who was now Clovis-43 after suffering many deaths during the fighting, striking down Belmon with his blade. Noe and Elsie were the last of the Exos who had survived the initial Vex attack, and Noe was granted the honor of issuing the commands to close the portal. He was surprised when Elsie decided not to destroy it in favor of maintaining its connection to the Deep Stone Crypt to allow the revival of as many Exo minds as possible with the remaining Radiolaria supplies.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

"I dream of picking the fleshy-pink face of Clovis Bray out of a crowd of thousands. I dream of hoisting an axe high and driving it down to split his fragile skull. I cry out, "Just as you did to the vase of Soissons!" I do not know why I scream that. What I mean is, "Just as you did to my humanity."
— Noe-2 reflecting on his dreams

Like many of the Exo who worked for Clovis Bray I, Noe held a low opinion of him. Many of Noe's dreams influenced by the Deep Stone Crypt focused on killing Clovis I in revenge for killing his humanity, although his dreams often caused his to shout nonsense sentences instead of what he truly meant.[1] He placed far more faith and trust in his daughter Elisabeth Bray. Noe followed Elsie throughout the entirety of the Battle of Europa, during which he demonstrated great skills as a warrior and was one of the few survivors of the entire ordeal.[5]

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