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I like working without jurisdiction. Wasn't that the point of us coming out here?

Justin Wong was a scientist who worked for the Clovis Bray corporation at their Eventide colony research facilities on Europa.


While working with Clovis Bray I at the Deep Stone Crypt, Wong helped to test what would happen if a human ingested Radiolarian fluid. As the two scientists monitored their first test subject Wong was encouraged that there seemed to be no negative effects as the subject reported it felt nourishing. However, the patient then began vomiting and doubled over in pain. Wong reported to Clovis I that the subject's vitals were bad and that he was losing fluids at an alarming rate. While Clovis I was interested in seeing what would happen Wong warned him that the subject would die. His boss suggested sending a medical team into the testing room, although Wong worried that the affliction might become airborne. Clovis noted that they needed to find that out and Wong realized that he intended to use the medical team as test subjects as well.[1]

The contagion was not airborne but did require physical contact to corrupt. Their second Radiolarian test involved injecting it into their second patient, who ended up having a similar reaction. As they discussed the trial results, Wong objected to Clovis I's suggestion of inviting Helga Rasmussen to help with their experiments, noting that she sometimes put ethics before scientific advancement. Noting that he had come to Europa to avoid such limitations, Wong feared that Rasmussen would become a whistleblower and bring ethics organizations down onto them. Clovis I dismissed his opinion, but Wong became distracted as he watched their second test subject's arm suddenly begin to transform. He theorized that the Radiolarian was replacing the subject's cells at a rapid rate, and they would not be able to amputate it before it spread completely. Clovis I wondered if exposure to Clarity Control would slow it down enough for them to amputate and place the arm on another live subject. Wong reminded him that they had no other subjects for this trial before realizing that his boss meant him, leaving Wong horrified and surprised as Clovis I suggested that he would enjoy a new shiny arm.[2]

At a later experiment they attempted to send five subjects through a transtemporal portal. After issuing last instructions to the subjects on how long to stay in the portal, Wong asked if Clovis I wished to place a bet on if they would emerge younger or older. Clovis I guessed older but suggested he go in next if they came out younger. Wong laughed and noted it would be too soon to take such a risk with Clovis I. After ten seconds, they attempted to bring the subjects back with their tether, but it became stuck. They tightened the winch and Wong wondered if they had liked what they found on the other side and were resisting returning, but Clovis I suggested that something could also be holding them there. When the five subjects did emerge, they suffered complete cellular deterioration and were just piles of mushy goo. The two scientists were disgusted by the mess and Wong wondered if there were still things man was not yet to conquer, an attitude which earned him a rebuke from Clovis I.[3]

Wong and Clovis I later began experimenting with Stasis. They transferred the energy into an Exo test subject to attempt to control and fire blasts of the Darkness energy. As the energy built up the two scientists discussed Dr. Hector Abram and his lack of vision, noting he would be horrified by their current experiment. Wong agreed with Clovis I that Hector could not be trusted before noting energy transfer was at twenty-five percent that it would be optimal to test now. The Exo fired a blast straight through of wall, and Wong suggested breaking out the champaign to celebrate. However Clovis I wanted the test to keep going, although Wong wanted to stop when they reached thirty-five percent as the subject was freezing. The Exo was completely consumed by the Stasis ice, although Wong noted the subject could be alive within, and Clovis I ordered him to keep the project under strict lock and key as they continued.[4]

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