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Clovis Bray

Even if you're right, I find it hard to believe Clovis Bray doesn't have a backup plan. He may be egocentric, but he's not stupid.

Anjoli-7 was an Exo who worked for Clovis Bray during the Golden Age. She fought in the Battle of Europa against an invading Vex army.


At some point, Anjoli-7 and Una-8 had a discussion about the Vex and Clovis Bray I. Una questioned Anjoli, asking if she thought that Clovis knew what he was doing with the Vex gate that had been constructed. Anjoli grows concerned, knowing that Clovis has ears everywhere, but Una reassures her, stating that he never listens to them even when they are in the same room. She then grows concerned about the Vex that they had just killed, and Una states that she doubts that the Vex have even been throwing their strongest units at them yet. [1] [2]

Anjoli was a part of the group of survivors that had joined Elsie in trying to escape Europa after the Vex had invaded through the Glassway. After Clovis destroyed the evac ship and killing some of the survivors in the process, including Hector-6 [3], those remaining hid within Clovis' office. Clovis-1 finally went through the Exo Training Protocol, and was breaking all of the records. Once he finished the training module, he was able to open up a locked weapons cabinet that the rest of the survivors were having trouble breaking into, as he was indeed Clovis Bray I. The weapons inside were described by Anjoli as a "glimmering Pulse Rifle" and a "brilliant Sword with a blade like a chain saw." As Clovis-1 picks up the sword, he exclaims that it feels as if the sword was made for him, to which Clovis I states that it was. Clovis then tries to convince them that fighting the vex would be a suicide mission, but knowing that they won't listen to him, he still opens the armory. However, he still has a proposition, and asks Elsie to not destroy the portal. When Elsie questions him on destoying the portal, he states that she tried to destroy the portal the first time, and that the memory bank Elsie just took held the memories of Elisabeth-1. Clovis tries one more time to get them on his side, and Elsie has to calm down Clovis-1 before he did anything rash. She then turns to the survivors, and tells them to gear up, as they are about to engage the Vex. [4]

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