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Wesley Abram
Papa (Micah)


Mars (formerly)
Eventide, Europa (Exo upload)


Human (formerly)



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Clovis Bray

And then I never want to see another Bray again.

Wesley-3, formerly known as Wesley Abram, was a quantum engineer who worked for the Clovis Bray corporation at the Eventide colony on Europa. He was married to fellow Clovis Bray employee Hector Abram and was the father of Micah Abram.


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Early life[edit]

In his early life, Wesley worked at a BrayTech facility on Mars, where he ended up marrying another employee, Hector. They had a son named Micah. On Mars, Wesley worked with computers, and even made some of Rasputin's hardware. When the Eventide colony was formed, Wesley was sent there to help with the Exo project.

Eventide Colony[edit]

At the Eventide colony Wesley worked as a quantum engineer. Sometime after his relocation, his husband and child moved from Mars because Clovis Bray needed Hector (who was a psychologist) to test the Exos' mental wellness. When they arrived they were happy to see each other, but soon due to late shifts and lots of work, Wesley and Hector began to get into fights more and more often. Micah did not take that well and attempted to flee from home. It is unclear what happened to the family later, but eventually all three of them became Exos.

Battle of Europa[edit]

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