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Clovis Bray II
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Clovis Bray II was a Golden Age scientist. He was the son of Lusia Lin and Clovis Bray I, who founded the science corporation of the same name. He was the biological father of Willa, Elsie, Alton, and Anastasia.


Clovis I genetically altered his son out of a desire to make Clovis II a "flawless image" of himself. While Clovis II was developing, Clovis I replaced his mitochondrial DNA (normally inherited from the mother) with his own in order to ensure he was "in Clovis II's cellular engines, powering his existence."

Clovis I continued to meddle with Clovis II's genes throughout his life. One such modification, intended to allow Clovis II to no longer require sleep, led Clovis II to instead develop a neurodegenerative disorder known as the "Clovis Curse", a "fatal prion insomnia" which could be passed on to his children. Having previously been granted an ultra-vigilant immune system by Clovis I's tampering, Clovis II's body would reject all attempts at treatment, and as the disease progressed, Clovis I decided that Clovis II's only chance of survival was to be uploaded into an Exo body. Unfortunately, due to unresolved problems that inevitably led to the degeneration of early-generation exominds, Clovis II's mind deteriorated to a point where his strenuous, involuntary movements tore his own chassis apart.

The Mysterious Logbook makes further mention of the "Clovis Curse". It is suggested there (but later questioned whether this was simply a manipulation on Clovis' part to drive her into the Exo program) that Clovis II did indeed pass his affliction onto at least one of his children, Elisabeth Bray.[1]

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