BrayTech Hunter Armor

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BrayTech Hunter Armor


BrayTech Hunter Armor





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Anastasia Bray


BrayTech Hunter Armor is a Legendary Hunter armor set that is available from Anastasia Bray.

BrayTech Sn0Mask[edit]

"This is our best work yet."
— Project Manager, BrayTech R&D


To: wibray
CC: CB Leadership, atvon
Re: Quarter Update
New arctic line is on track to hit Milestone Silver. Current risks lie with key Priority 1 issues with the Sn0Treads design, but we've recently requested additional resources to mitigate that. I've spoken with the head engineer, and she's confident we will deliver on schedule. This is one of the strongest teams we've put together, and so far the results have been outstanding. The mask in particular received high praise for its extreme clarity, and an overall positive user evaluation. Individual lead notes are attached. No reply all.

BrayTech Survival Mitts[edit]

"Stand over here. Stick your arm out. Yes, perfect. OK, just hold still…"
— Production Lead, BrayTech R&D



  • Thermal conservation tech "felt good" over a seven-hour session
  • Micromesh webbing had minor grating on user's wrist, consistent across multiple test subjects
  • 3cm, 1cm, 5mm grip tests successful
  • User shouted expletive during high-caliber round test, but only sustained minor bruising

BrayTech Combat Vest[edit]

"Agility. Protection. I have always subscribed to the idea that armor is useless without both."
— Lead Engineer, BrayTech R&D


Armor is the inherent struggle between freedom and protection, and has been since the dawn of humanity. The natural conclusion of elementary physics is such that resilience is the enemy of mobility. But now we're pioneers in a nascent world of discovery, where we can abrogate the laws of "Old Physics" and widen the breadth of engineering design space.
My colleagues at Clovis Bray and I are excited to embark upon this project. We intend to enhance the efficacy of our line of protective armor, and bring to you the level of quality you expect from the Bray name.

BrayTech Sn0Treads[edit]

"Piecing together complex systems of causalities is the puzzle that defined me."
Elsie Bray


"Elsie's here from Weapons R&D to lend us a hand. She'll be taking over the project until the next milestone, and hopefully get rid of our little jamming problem in the treads."
"Elsie… as in Elsie Bray?"
"You know another Elsie?"
"No, I just… well, she's basically an engineering legend around here!"
"You're a professional, not some fanboy. Do what she says, and use this opportunity to learn."
"Right. Of course."
"Any other questions?"
"Does my hair look OK?"
"Get out of my office."

BrayTech Winter Cloak[edit]

"Not every piece of equipment is optimal for all environments. You see snow. I see a thousand hiding places."
— Designer, BrayTech R&D


It's a local legend that ghostly apparitions dwell in the mountains of the Hellas region. Based on multiple accounts, they're pale white and blend with the snow. All you can see is a floating set of eyes and a mouth, smiling all creepy-like. Ever since Clovis Bray set up shop, the sightings have dropped sharply, but every now and then someone claims to see one of these phantom figures.

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