Kit Fox Armor

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Kit Fox Armor


Kit Fox Armor






Kit Fox Armor is an Uncommon Hunter armor in Destiny 2.


Kit Fox 1.5[edit]

"Who was Kit Ali Ameir? How did she draw images of Cabal a century before first contact?"
— Armor description
  • One mobility

Kit Fox 2.1[edit]

"Before the fight, prepare. In the fight, improvise. After the fight? Exaggerate."
— Armor description
  • One mobility

Kit Fox 1.4[edit]

"Finders, keepers."
— Armor description
  • One mobility
  • One resilience

Kit Fox 1.1[edit]

"It's not prophecy. Prophecy is for warlocks and windbiters. I call it... seeing at a distance."
— Kit Ali Ameir
  • One mobility

Sly Cloak[edit]

"You've got to choose when to be a lion and when to be a fox. Friend, these are fox days."
— Armor description
  • One mobility

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