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Prime Zealot


Prime Zealot





Defense rating:

130/170 (Destiny)
365/400 (Rise of Iron)



Vault of Glass


Prime Zealot is a Legendary Hunter armor set that can be acquired from the Vault of Glass Raid.

Prime Zealot Helm[edit]

"Forged from the cores of Hezen Vex. If you feel a sense of revelation, remove immediately and inject antientheogens."
— Armor description

Prime Zealot Gloves[edit]

"Forged from the remnants of broken Vex. Some of the component matter is older than the solar system."
— Armor description

Prime Zealot Cuirass[edit]

"Forged from the ruin of Hezen Vex armor. The sensory interface feels more natural than bare skin."
— Armor description

Prime Zealot Greaves[edit]

"Skinned in the membranes of the Hezen Vex. There is very little risk they will become permanently attached to your body."
— Armor description

Shattered Vault Cloak[edit]

"The machines are not invincible."
— Armor description

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