Armor of the Hezen Lords

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Armor of the Hezen Lords


Armor of the Hezen Lords





Defense Rating:

130/170 (Destiny)
365/400 (Rise of Iron)



Vault of Glass


Armor of the Hezen Lords is a Legendary Warlock armor set that can be acquired from the Vault of Glass Raid.

Façade of the Hezen Lords[edit]

"The helm's nerve interface incorporates Vex cells. They're dead, of course. But not too dead to dream..."
— Armor description

Gloves of the Hezen Lords[edit]

"Capable gauntlets. Extremely effective. I have only one piece of advice: never touch a living Vex."
— Armor description

Cuirass of the Hezen Lords[edit]

"Slept in the armor last night. Woke to feel my heart stuttering to the pattern of an unknown signal."
— Armor description

Tread of the Hezen Lords[edit]

"Rumor has it that the exile Osiris came too close to understanding the Vex."
— Armor description

Fragment of the Prime[edit]

"Caged in ascendant motes, it still glimmers with the light of some ceaseless calculation."
— Armor description

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