Winged Sun

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Winged Sun


Winged Sun




Hunter / Titan / Warlock



Trials of Osiris


Winged Sun is a Legendary Cult of Osiris armor set for all three classes introduced in The Taken King


Burning Eye Mask[edit]

"There are eyes beyond our eyes. Lamps of nothingness, voids of brightness."
Parables of the Allspring

Golden Bull Mask[edit]

"A sacrifice is required."
— Parables of the Allspring

Blind Jackal Mask[edit]

"Even the dead are not beyond our reach."
— Parables of the Allspring

Sleeves / Gauntlets / Gloves[edit]

"Those who fly beneath the Sun do not come back unscathed."
— Parables of the Allspring

Vest / Plate / Vestments[edit]

"Like a meteor burning until nothing is left but the idea of a Light."
— Parables of the Allspring

Legs / Greaves / Boots[edit]

"Feet alone cannot take us to where we're going."
— Parables of the Allspring

Mantle of Sublime Light / Sublime Light Mark / Sublime Light Bond[edit]

"A trial by fire, the purpose of which is transformation."
— Armor description

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