Khepri's Sting

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"The wound is not deep, but you know it exists—and that is enough."
— Armor Description
Khepri's Sting
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Khepri's Sting







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Khepri's Sting is a set of Exotic Hunter Gauntlets added in House of Wolves.


TIER 1[edit]

  • Primary Weapon Loader - Increases the reload speed of all Primary Weapons

TIER 2[edit]

  • Invigoration - Reduces melee cooldown each time you pick up an Orb of Light

TIER 3[edit]

  • Touch of Venom - Gain invisibility after crouching in place for a short time. Melee attacking an enemy from behind while invisible delivers 4x damage

Destiny 2[edit]


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Touch of Venom: Punching someone with full melee energy will instantly cast Smoke Bomb. Gain Truesight while in your own Smoke Bomb effect. Your smoke bombs deal increased damage.


The Hunter pushed off the windowsill she'd been leaning on and stretched out her arm so the metal scarab on her gauntlet flashed in the sun.
"And here I thought I was bein' subtle."
The Titan's smile widened. "You know what they say about Hunters."
"Everything you've heard about Hunters is true. Everything."
As if to underscore her point, a sizzling Line Rifle bolt sizzled through the cracked window and knocked the Titan dead.
When he came to, the Hunter was lounging on a pile of smashed and broken Vex chassis.
The Titan let out a low whistle, impressed. "Mission accomplished."
"Hm," the Hunter agreed. "On to that other mission we were discussing."
"Ah," said the Titan. "And if we're, uh, both wearing beetles?"
It was the Hunter's turn to smile, sharp and swift as a blade. "You know what else they say about Hunters. We're good at adapting."
The wound is not deep, but you know it exists- and that is enough.


  • During development, this item was named "Ikaheka's Hooks" and its description was "Ah, no matter; the wound is not so deep..." Touch of Venom originally read "Hitting an enemy with a melee attack while invisible deals additional damage over time." This ability can still be observed with Khepri's Sting, although it is no longer included in the perk description.

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