Wildwood Armor

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Wildwood Armor
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Wildwood Armor







Minimum level:



Loot drop?:

  • Flashpoints (Random)
  • EDZ Engrams (Random)


Devrim Kay


15-25 Legendary Shards +
10 EDZ Tokens


Wildwood Armor is an Legendary armor set available in the base game of Destiny 2. It is distributed by Devrim Kay, who is located in the EDZ on Earth. It is available after the player reaches level 20. Like all armor within the game, they can be dismantled for infusion or to generate Glimmer, and can be transferred between characters in the Vault. As a Legendary set of armor however, it also generates Legendary Shards when dismantled.


Right, well… I'm afraid you won't get far with that attitude. Hawthorne doesn't care about that "Trials of Osiris" rubbish. Gilded armor can't feed hungry refugees. And don't go nattering on with that "Guardian" business either, not where she can hear you. There are no "Guardians" out here. To her, anyone that can pick up a gun and shoot is a "Guardian."

I know you're new here. You've done a lot, seen a lot. And I know Hawthorne can be a bit rough around the edges, eh? But listen to her. What she says is sound: "Look out for each other. Don't do anything stupid. Pitch in where you can." She's not claiming to be one of your Vanguard. She is simply doing what she feels is her duty—defending those under her protection until all are safe and we can rebuild what we've lost.

Wildwood Mask / Helm / Cover[edit]

"I love the City. But I don't want to go back. I want to bring the City to the EDZ."
— Devrim Kay


Wildwood Grips / Gauntlets / Gloves[edit]

"I don't know about you, but the EDZ has grown on me. Literally. The moss gets everywhere."
— Devrim Kay


Wildwood Vest / Plate / Robes[edit]

"Perhaps we can take it back. You know? Perhaps the Farm can be another City."
— Devrim Kay


Wildwood Strides / Greaves / Boots[edit]

"Be careful out there. If a rescue happens, I'd rather be the rescuee than the one doing the rescuing."
— Devrim Kay


Wildwood Cloak / Mark / Bond[edit]

"Devrim Kay fashioned the pattern for these Guardian armor suits."
— Armor description


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