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Fortress Field


Fortress Field






Fortress Field is an Uncommon Titan armor. It was forged in memory of the Stoneborn Order, which was destroyed when the Red Legion took The Last City.


Fortress Field Helm[edit]

"The Jaisalmer pattern in this helmet carries redundant transmitters, in case of cranial dislocation."
— Armor description

Fortress Field Gauntlets[edit]

"I see the first thing Titans rediscovered was the construction of huge shoulder plates."
— A jealous Warlock, probably

Fortress Field Plate[edit]

"The Stoneborn, protectors of the City's walls, fell with the City. In memory this armor was made."
— Armor description

Fortress Field Greaves[edit]

"I remember saying I was bored of the view from the Tower. I wish I'd shut my mouth."
— Armor description

Mark of the Golden Citadel[edit]

"Titans are trained to be a wall. But perhaps we must train ourselves to be something more."
Callisto Yin

List of Appearances[edit]