Wrecked Titan Armor

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Wrecked Titan Armor


Wrecked Titan Armor






Wrecked Titan Armor is an Common Titan armor in Destiny 2. It is acquired by Titan players at the start of the second campaign mission, Adieu.


Wrecked Titan Helm[edit]

"Every aspect of this helm has been compromised."
— Armor description

Wrecked Titan Gauntlets[edit]

"Titans are taught to repair their armor after every battle. These gauntlets are a lost cause."
— Armor description

Wrecked Titan Plate[edit]

"Not in a million years could you buff out all the dints in this breastplate."
— Armor description

Wrecked Titan Greaves[edit]

"These boots are unaccustomed to retreat."
— Armor description

Tattered Titan Mark[edit]

"It is customary to shed a mark after victory or loss- to remind its finder of the history that came before."
— Armor description


Do you see the walls that surround the Last City? Picture them in your mind. They don't just protect our people. They also serve as a reminder- a reminder of what you are.

You are a Titan. The wall against which evil breaks. The candle in the darkest of these days. The protector of the Traveler's last gifts.

This City is your home. Its people are your blood. And its walls are your shields, your weapons, your temple.

Take your place, Titan, and know this: when you fight for the Last City, you will never suffer defeat.

-Zavala, Titan Vanguard

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