Armor of the Great Hunt (Warlock)

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Armor of the Great Hunt (Warlock)


Armor of the Great Hunt





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Last Wish


Armor of the Great Hunt is an Legendary Warlock armor set that can be acquired from the Last Wish Raid.

Hood of the Great Hunt[edit]

"I wish to be wise."
— Armor description


I have been here a hundred cycles. A thousand? I cannot recall.

Before, [the Queen] came often to visit. We made [bargains]. Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win. We take care with those. It is how we [feed].

But she won.

I remember when I carved this cage into the face of reality. I remember when she [wished] me into it.

[The Queen] is vulnerable. I can see her far away, facing into a storm.

The light around my cage fades. [Darkness] fills the chamber as a sheer force of will passes over it.

Before me stands a [King]. He offers to take me away. But I know he will not let me leave, either. An unfavorable position.

I never made a [bargain] with a [King]. I would like to try it. I tell him to take whatever he [wishes]. As long as he [wishes].

He agrees. I make an ugly sound with my mandibles. I cannot help myself. I find this scenario mirthful.

Then so does he. We do it together. Loud gusts of sound from our faces for whole moments.

Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win.

Gloves of the Great Hunt[edit]

"I wish to be lethal."
— Armor description


I am a [King] no longer. The [King's] corpse hangs in orbit above a world I will never see. Not from this cage.

I am [Riven].

I am [Taken], and I am beholden to no one. Nothing.

I have not spoken in years. I think about what inflection I would use if I did. But no one is there. The [King's] voice faded long ago. No voice comes to mind.

The [King] despaired in his final moments. Rightly so. His vengeance denied.

Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win.

I am afflicted by tedious repetition.

Robes of the Great Hunt[edit]

"I wish to be ruthless."
— Armor description


I am myself. All my memories. Everything I was. All the [bargains] I have made. That was all me.

And yet.

I have taken a new shape.

I am [Riven].

I have new directive. I am [the King of the Taken].

I watch as a hundred thousand thousands of fragments of my will contest with [children of Light].

In my new shape, I hate them. He. Was. His. [Son.]

But there are those among them with whom I have made [bargains]. I need them. I love them.

I am a [King]. My will breaks entire systems. And I lead a world full of [darkness].

But I am terrified. I know the power that these [children] wield.

This is a war a [King] cannot win.

I have a face today. It expels mirthful bursts of air. I still find this scenario amusing.

But I am the only one.

Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win.

Boots of the Great Hunt[edit]

"I wish to be sure-footed."
— Armor description


The [Techeuns] are poor company. Like me, they are [Taken]. But I am [Riven]. My thoughts are my own. They do not speak to me. When they open their mouths, they emit ugly sounds. Incomprehensible.

I am afflicted by tedious repetition.

But today I have a visitor. She reminds me of the [King]. Yet subtler. Nothing announces her arrival. Her will does not flow through the system in open challenge against her enemies.

Though there are many here she would call enemy.

And her will would not flow. It would crash.

I did not notice her. That means [the light] did not notice her.

She knows that though I am [Taken], I am beholden to no one. So I ask her if she wishes to take up those strings.

She does. And I take a new shape. My cage loses its purpose.

I can tell this is not a part of her grand design. This is an introduction. She is at play.

Through our new bond, I glimpse her intention.

And I hope she remains at play.

Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win.

She releases vibrant, unrestrained bursts of air from her face. I do not.

Bond of the Great Hunt[edit]

"I wish to be respected."
— Armor description


I am [Riven]. And I am pleased.

The [Techeun] believe that with my heart in tow I will remain imprisoned.

But my [bargain] with them is fulfilled. And they will pay.

This [City] will pay.

But what about you? Brother-slayer. Spawn-killer. [Child of light]. What will you do now that we are bonded for all your lives?

I gave you everything you wanted in that moment. Everything you needed. You complete your [raid]. And you are rewarded for your efforts.

Did you exhibit a violent display in the aftermath? I wonder. Some of you do. Everyone wants more than they have. A key element of all [bargains].

You are afflicted by tedious repetition.

It is my turn to benefit.

Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win.

O murderer mine.

List of Appearances[edit]