Resplendent Solstice Armor (Warlock)

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Resplendent Solstice Armor


Resplendent Solstice Armor





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Resplendent Solstice Armor is a Legendary Warlock armor set that could be acquired during the first Solstice of Heroes.

Solstice Hood (Resplendent)[edit]

"In the blink of an eye, life can turn from sweet to bitter."
— Armor description


From the cockpit of her jumpship, Kanmu mouthed words in almost perfect sync with the voices behind her. She'd spent most of this assignment ferrying Cryptarchs from planet to planet, and these scholars always had the same conversations over and over again.

She pantomimed a deep belly laugh right on cue.

Something was wrong this time, though. That laugh didn't sound right. Looking behind her, she realized one of the Cryptarchs was choking—probably on one of those hard candies they always seemed to have. She freed herself from the cockpit and hurried back to them, finding the afflicted scholar doubled over and gasping.

She positioned herself behind him, and time slowed. As her arms wrapped around the form in front of her, she made a fist with one hand and grasped it with the other, trying to pull up into the abdomen.

Don't break the ribs. Hands up higher. Pull up faster. More force. Not that much force! Don't break the ribs! Don't—

And then it was out. A hard candy. Of course. Kanmu laughed, relief coming over her.

Putting a reassuring hand on the recovering Cryptarch's back, she turned back to the front of the ship just in time to see an orange ball of energy soar into view from beyond the horizon. It was headed straight for them.

A sharp inhale as she rushed to the cockpit. They had to leave. There was still tim—

But there wasn't.

Solstice Gloves (Resplendent)[edit]

"Shoulder the weight of time and keep going."
— Armor description


Pain. Just… just pain. The word banged around his skull, crept down his body, echoed through his bones. There'd been a time before the pain, but Kalumet Ziv couldn't remember it now. He leaned harder into Aiza-3, who nearly buckled at the unexpected weight shift. She steadied herself quickly, and they carried on.

"Do you need help up there?" From behind them, Ivola's footfalls were uneven, owing to the hole in his right thigh. Ziv wasn't sure he could help if he wanted to. Aiza must have felt the same way.

"No, just had to readjust." They continued in exhausted silence toward the extraction point, staying among the rubble as far from the road as they dared get. They'd traveled this way for hours—the only survivors of a Cabal ambush—and had covered almost no ground.

Far in the distance, a familiar sound—vehicles. Several of them. A Cabal convoy appeared over a far-off ridge, and the last granules of hope Ziv had been hoarding away left him. They had no chance like this.

Not if he stayed with them.

He let go of Aiza and slid to the ground. The Exo reached down and grabbed his arm. "You have to try, Ziv. We can't stop here. Not now."

He twisted out of her grasp. "YOU can't." Understanding, Ivola shook his head. Looked about to speak. Ziv interrupted. "I can buy you time."

Aiza and Ivola looked at each other. Back at the convoy. They knew he was right.

A brief goodbye, an embrace, and they were gone, ducking behind debris and rubble at already twice the speed.

Crawling closer to the road, pain screaming through each movement, he waited for the others to be far enough that he could draw the Cabal past them.

From there in the dirt, he shouldered his rifle and started shooting.

Solstice Robes (Resplendent)[edit]

"The right perspective can give you the perfect advantage."
— Armor description


Nethe Pav breathed, tried to find time within time. She was cut off from her exit, the path in front of her blocked by rubble from her own blast. She had taken out three Cabal—they'd fired on her nonstop for what felt like hours but was surely minutes—and now there was one left, wounded, still behind her. She figured she could just leave it.

She was wrong. From behind her came sounds of the lumbering beast. Turning, she fired.

Nothing. Her weapon was dead or jammed or—it didn't matter. She threw it down and crouched behind a pillar with her blade as the Cabal fired. Once. Twice. Click.

The clatter of its rifle hitting the ground. Nethe peered around the pillar in time to see it advancing with its own blade drawn.

Leaping from cover, she went for the neck. So did he.

They both connected.

Solstice Boots (Resplendent)[edit]

"Time flies with the speed of birds on their way out of winter."
— Armor description


Serrano laughed as he walked, listening to Cayde-6 on his headset. The Exo was bragging about a distraction he'd used on a Cabal that involved—did he hear that right? A chicken? And more than once? Seemed the Red Legion had weaknesses, and some of them were odd.

The story took his mind off his aching legs. His ship had blown up miles outside the City, but he finally saw the Tower coming into view. He was deep into a daydream about napping when he heard a crash up ahead.

Serrano picked up speed as he approached a curve in the road, and when he rounded it, he saw the dust cloud first. As it cleared, he saw the overturned Sparrow and, worse, the Guardian underneath it. His heart sank as he ran toward them, but as he got closer, he could tell it was too late. He touched the Guardian's shoulders, bowing his head for a moment.

His gaze turned to the Sparrow. A guilty pang made him hesitate, but this Guardian didn't need it anymore. He righted it and climbed on.

Flying fast around a curve, Serrano spotted a troop of Cabal firing and closing in on an encampment. The cowering civilians managed to get a couple good shots against the invaders as he watched, but they wouldn't get enough before the Cabal surrounded them.

Then he saw the Incendior among the beasts. That was the answer.

Serrano turned the Sparrow, aiming straight for the flamethrower in the Cabal's oversized hands and cranking the thrust.

He had just enough time to appreciate the surprised Incendior's face.

Solstice Bond (Resplendent)[edit]

"Clarity of purpose is a moment that comes but once."
— Armor description


It wasn't fair.

Marlenx-3 hated to think in those terms, but that was the truth. She was deep in the Inverted Spire looking for Cabal security, and there was only one reason. Some Guardian—who had allegedly gotten their Light back—was trying to make it through this place to find whatever it housed. She was just here to help clear it out, along with several other Guardians who weren't so blessed.

If she bought it now, there was no coming back.

She ducked into a stairwell and whipped around. Nothing. "Got an empty stairwell here," she said into her headset.

Marlenx ran up the steps and pushed through the next door. Swept left, then right. A corridor stretched in both directions.

Footsteps down below. She shut the door behind her and went down the left hallway, toward the closest door. As her hand touched the doorknob, she heard a sound behind her.

Gun at the ready, she spun around. A door had opened down the hall, and another Guardian was staggering through. No weapon. Wounded.

In that moment, everything became clear. This was why she was here. She held up her hand. Stay there.

She hurried back into the stairwell and shot off the handle, then turned to face the coming sound.

Fair had nothing to do with it.

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