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"You have to try, Ziv. We can't stop here. Not now."
— Aiza, pleading with Ziv not to stop moving

Aiza-3 is a Exo Guardian of the Last City who fought in the Red War.


After the fall of the Last City to the Cabal's Red Legion and the stripping of Light from the Guardians, Aiza-3 fled the City in a convoy with many other refugees and Guardians. The convoy was ambushed by the Cabal, and only Aiza and two other Guardians, Kalumet Ziv and Ivola, survived. Aiza helped support the wounded Ziv as they made their way on foot through rubble alongside a road towards an extraction point. Due to Ziv's wounds, their speed was slow, and they covered little ground despite walking for hours. When they spotted a Cabal convoy heading in their direction, Ziv let go of Aiza and crashed to the ground before insisting that they leave him behind to hold off the Cabal so they could move faster. Aiza protested that he could not give up, although Ivola agreed with Ziv as all three would die if they did not leave him behind. Upset, Aiza agreed with the plan, and after they said their goodbyes to Ziv she and Ivola proceeded onto the extraction point at more than twice the speed they had been traveling before.[1]

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