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Ivola is a Guardian who fought in the Red War.


Following the Red Legion assault on The Last City and imprisonment of the Traveler in a cage that drained all Guardian's Light, Ivola escaped the City. The group he was with began heading towards an extraction point outside of the City, but they were ambushed by the Cabal, and Ivola was shot through the thigh. Despite his injury, he escaped alongside two other Guardians, Kalumet Ziv and Aiza-3, and the three moved through rubble alongside a rode towards the extraction point. However, their progress was slowed due to Kalumet's injuries, and the Warlock needed to be supported by Aiza. Ivola saw them nearly collapse once and offered to help carry him, but they refused due to Ivola's own injury. They then spotted an approaching Red Legion convoy on the road, causing Kalumet to stop and tell them to keep going. Realizing what his fellow Guardian had planned, Ivola began to shake his head in protest, but Kalumet told them he would buy them time to escape. Reluctantly, Ivola and Aiza agreed and embraced their friend in a goodbye before leaving, moving at more than twice then speed they had previously been travelling.[1]

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