Kalumet Ziv

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Kalumet Ziv
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"I can buy you time."
— Kalumet, imploring Aiza and Ivola to leave him behind

Kalumet Ziv was a Warlock of the Last City who fought in the Red War.


When the Red Legion attacked The Last City and attached a cage to the Traveler, Kalumet and his fellow Guardians were stripped of the Light. Fleeing the City, Kalumet joined a convoy of citizens and other Lightless Guardians but they soon came under attack by the Cabal. Kalumet was badly wounded and suffered a severe head injury, although he managed to escape with the aid of two other Guardians, Aiza-3 and Ivola. Travelling alongside a dusty road towards an extraction point, the three made slow progress due to Kalumet's wounds while attempting to hide behind rubble. Aiza supported him while Ivola trailed behind due to a leg injury, but Kalumet knew they would make faster progress without him. Upon spotting an approaching Cabal convoy, Kalumet lost the last of his hope to escape alive and dropped to the ground. He told the others that their only chance to make it to the extraction point was without him. Kalumet offered to buy them time, and after reluctant goodbyes, he watched Aiza and Ivola leaving at more than twice the speed they had been travelling. He then dragged himself closer to the road once they had gotten far enough away, although his movements caused severe pain due to his injuries. Once in position, Kalumet opened fire on the Cabal convoy with his rifle, knowing he would perish but hopefully give his friends enough time to reach the extraction point.[1]

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