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Serrano was a Warlock who fought in the Red War.


Serrano was one of many Guardians who participated in the Vanguard's assault to retake The Last City and liberate the Traveler, but his Jumpship was shot down outside the City. As he made his way into and through the war-torn city on foot he listened to a report from Cayde-6 over the comms network and laughed at the Hunters use of a chicken to distract and kill Cabal soldiers. As he approached the Tower Serrano heard a crash ahead of him. Rushing ahead he discovered a crashed Sparrow with a dead Guardian. Briefly stopping to mourn his fallen comrade, Serrano reluctantly took the Guardian's Sparrow to move quicker through the City. As he rounded a corner he saw a group of civilians under fire from a large force of Cabal that were rapidly closing in on them. Spotting an Incendior in the middle of the Cabal's ranks, Serrano aimed the Sparrow at the Incendior at full speed. He took a moment to appreciate the look of surprise on the Cabal soldier's face before the crash resulted in a explosion that wiped out the Cabal detachment at the cost of Serrano's life.[1]

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